Shortened, then Lengthened, 1979 Cadillac Seville

Coachbuilding was very much a thing in the 70s, and the all-new Seville was often a victim.  This was a world-beater car at the time, so this should come as no surprise.  For some reason, several companies offered ways to convert these four-doors into two-doors.  This is one example.

The seller doesn't list mileage here, so we can't evaluate this as well as we'd like.  It does, however, have Vogue tires on Dayton wheelz; so maybe that's all you need to know?

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Somewhere near Los Angeles, CA, USA

So, the cabin has been drastically shortened and the front drastically lengthened.

Hood length is truly amazing here.

The rear is oddly not so odd.

We included this photo in order to reveal the dual exhaust.  Is that from a much later Cadillac?

As is usually the case with "things" like this, the interior is essentially stock (minus the steering wheel).  Interior mods are expensive...

Ad text:

Grandeur Motor Car Corporation cool custom unique odd ball straight pimp call it what you want runs and drives excellent has minor cracks in the paint it has Dayton wheels Vogue tires Rolls Royce grill euro headlights...$8900..

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