Lot of Seven Pirate Ship-Themed Vehicles

Apparently, these seven vehicles were modified with a nautical theme and used in the filming of a TV show.  The whole fleet can now be yours!

These are based on an eclectic selection of 90s and 2000s vehicles, as follows:

2002 Ford Explorer
1996 Jeep Cherokee
2001 Volvo S80
1997 Volvo 850
1996 Altima
1997 Dodge Caravan
1996 Mercedes Benz C220

The seller points out that the designer who designed and built these has plans available for making them street-legal.  That implies that they currently aren't, but we'd have guessed that based on lack of (or covered up? lights.  Maybe it's just a matter of lighting, which wouldn't be too bad. Sadly, asking prices are not provided; so we have no idea how realistic or unrealistic the seller might be.

What would YOU do with this fleet?

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Here they are in all their glory.

So, there's a 2002 Explorer under this...somewhere.

The Cherokee is a little easier to spot.

We would not have guessed S80 here; but, then again, when did anyone last think of an S80?

Altima GLE is an interesting choice.  At least this is based on the most luxurious of '96 Altimas AND this is before the Altima got really hideous for the '97 model year.  Then again, a
97 would have been a better candidate for full cosmetic conversion.

This is a good use for a '97 Caravan.

And...this is a reasonable use for a C220, of all things.

Yes, an 850 wagon was sacrificed for this.  Thankfully, it wasn't turbocharged...

Ad text:

***We'd love to sell these "street ships" as a fleet, but they are also for sale individually. Please contact Elly for more information and pricing.*** 

An armada of seven vehicles has been transformed to resemble unique PIRATE SHIPS for an adventurous fantasy film recently shot at NBC Universal by Footprint Productions. 

These "Street Ships" were created from the depths of our imagination to tell a unique and exciting story... You may wish to take them as they are, or you may use them as a springboard for your own inspired creation. 

These unusual works of moving art are ideal for many uses: 
* Film/TV: Excellent set pieces and moving props 
* Music & Arts Festivals... 

~ Lounge locations

~ Funky Taxis

~ Infrastructure vehicles 
* Parades 
* Art events 

The vehicles need a bit of mechanical and esthetic attention to be fit for your ideal use, but if you're in the market for an art car or nine, we've done all the hard work for you! 

The ships have been inspected by a skilled fabricator who has decades of experience designing and building art cars for festivals, parades, and other events all around the country... He has created complete budgeted plans for upgrading each car to meet the DMV's "street legal" requirements for "mutant vehicles", included with sale of the ships. (Depending on what you want to do with the vehicles, you may or may not need these plans/alterations.) 

Please note, the designer who made these plans is familiar with the vehicles and enthusiastic about taking them to the next level, if you feel like putting a little more work into them to really deck them out. 



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