WTF Jeep

Did you ever look at a Jeep CJ and wonder what it would be like if you deleted its ability to go over speed bumps, not to mention going off-road?  Well, here's your answer.  The seller calls it the Testabassa SR.

The work here seems to be well done, but we question the project's intent.  For those morbidly curious, the seller has provided a video of this beast in action.  There's no doubt this is oddly appealing, but is it worth $49K or more?

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Los Angeles, CA, USA
$49,000 with ZERO bids, $75,000 BIN price and 1 day to go

As the seller says, this is truly one of a "kink."  Despite aggressive tread, there's no off-road ability here.

It's still unusual up close.

In case the driving setting is too high, the air bags let this sit even lower.

Rear is, well, basic.

This beast appears to feature a full set of guages and perhaps the tallest shifter we've seen.

Seating area is as spartan as one would imagine.  Center console looks a little "wood shop", but it works.  For anyone wondering, the squiggles on the metal surfaces are likely what the builder would call "grinder art."

Here's the SBC with Edelbrock dress-up items.  If well-built, the 420HP claim isn't completely crazy, though dyno results would be interesting.

Ad text:

This Jeep is truly one of a kink, a beast, a monster. It gets more attention than anything also on the street.

Frame and chassis are from a Jeep Willys 1975, this car doesn't need a smog check. Street legal.

Comes from a rebuilt Chevy small black, v8, 420 HP. A real beast.
Comp cam
New Crank from MABBCO Motors
All new seals and bearings
Bored .030 over
New mullins high capacity oil pump
New chrome oil pan and new filter
new HEI distibuter and 8.5mm wires
new chrome pullies
New Harmonic balancer
New Edelbrock dressing (well over $600 value with carb)
350 long headers
Edelbrock intake manifol
Comes with engine stand
010 block SBC 2 bolt main
Double roller timing chain and new chrome cover
also includes fuel pump, alternator, belt and everything on pic.
Also on the engine is a chrome Long Nose water pump.
All new seals and gaskets on entire build    

AIR BAGS, front and rear wheels.
All the hydraulic parts, tires, wheels, gas tank and so on are brand new.

Again you are bidding for one of a kind car.

You need to get a pair of seats belt, rear signal lights and connect the speedometer.

GOOD LUCK WITH YOU BID. Txt me any question you have 213 xxx xxxx

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