Awesomely Bad, Africa-Themed 70s Van

Lots of 70s van had murals, but we've never seen one with an Egyptian/northern Africa theme quite like this.  Also, we rarely see murals in such good condition.

The seller claims this is one of few modified by Dodge; but we have no reason to believe this wasn't a dealer- or owner-commissioned custom.  That was all the rage back then, after all.  Given its age, this van appears to be in amazing condition, both inside and out.  Claimed mileage is a bit under 75K and we believe it.  If anything, this look like it has lower miles.

Needless to say, the exterior draws us in with its awesomely brown base color, Cragar S/S wheels and side pipes.  Moving to the inside, one finds one of the most awesome displays of shag carpet we've seen in a long time.  The 318 V8 (5.2L, if you must) won't move this with amazing authority, but it should work well enough and sound good in the process.

With all that, what do you think this is worth?

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Tampa,  FL, USA
$6,610 with 15 bids, reserve not met and 3.5 days to go

Pyramids and spires over gorgeous 70s brown.  What more do we need?

Correct Cragar wheels and sidepipes are perfect for any 70s custom.  Note that the Firestone S/S Radial went out of production in the 90s; so the next buyer should consider new tires before any long trips.

More pyramids and some palms!  Sun visor is perfect for the 70s, too.

Rear is surprisingly benign,but a little bit of mural carries over.

Open the door and see the first hint of shag!  Door panels and engine cover are covered in the stuff.

This is the money shot - shag, shag and more shag.  Brown curtains are a nice touch, too.  Close those bad boys and rock this van (others will know not to knock).

The headliner is, well, interesting.  Is that linoleum?

As one would expect, there's a fridge of some sort; but we're most curious about the apparent air holes above it.  Probably they vent the fridge; but we imagine the original owner's ferret climbed in and out of those holes.

Ad text:

This is a unique one of a kind vehicle that you will have to see to believe!

This is an original 1974 Dodge Van. It has everything! Side pipes, windshield visor, shag carpet interior, and captain chairs. This is one of the few surviving vans that was taken by Dodge, customized in a factory, and resold on the showroom floor in this manor as new. A true survivor.

$500 deposit due immediately and full payment due within 7 days. Buyer responsible for paying any and all shipping costs.

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  1. Even more creepy is that YES, some of you readers were conceived in these things!