765 RWHP, 6MT Dodge Challenger with Gullwing Rear Doors

Straight out of Florida comes this beast built my a limo company.  We suppose converting a Charger (i.e. starting with a four door) would have been too easy.  This one started as a two-door and was extended, at least as far as we can tell.

Because stretching a two-door Pony car into a limo wasn't enough, this one has the obvious gullwing doors and also has a supercharger feeding its Hemi engine to the tune of 700 rear wheel horsepower.  The best news here, however, is that this runs through a six-speed manual!

Want the bad news?  Well, the seller wants $250K for this and it's Buy-It-Now (BIN) only.  So, it won't sell and we won't see what the market has to say about it.  Maybe it will be listed again as an auction?

Click for eBay ad
Alva, FL, USA
$250K BIN with one day to go

Say what you want, but this will stand out in a crowd.  The paint alone would have done it, but the doors seal the deal.

As we were saying.

What Florida sale picture would be complete without surface water in the background?

Here's an image of the seating layout - it's really not a limo, just a very hard way to get to an extended four-door with two rows of seats.

Aside from the stretch and, presumably, the door panels, the interior appears mostly stock.

All stock here.

Not stock here - a Kenne Bell supercharger has been fitted.

Ad text:

 This is a custom one of a kind  Dodge Challenger SRT8 (built into a Jet-door car in 2016).
Clean Ride Customs did the whole build.

The conversion was done at 15,100 miles! This is brand new off the line.

This Challenger has been pampered since day one!

This car is prestine !!!

The car has a $10,000 paint job with hemi-orange, jet-black and dodge green.

The interior is black leather and suede trim. 

Hurst 6 speed transmission

The Kenne Bell Supercharger  which brings it to 765hp at the wheels (900hp at the flywheel) is on order and we will be installing soon. Pictures will be uploaded once it is complete.

Ice cold AC  (stock equipment gets even colder with the bigger cabin.)

Automatic jet-doors with push button remote controls

Absolute Insane awesome....Not another one like it on the Planet....No joke,  this car will rock your world,  this car will put you on top, anywhere you go.

Another Lamborgini or Ferrari can be bought tomorrow.  This is a one of a kind unit...NO one on the globe has one like it, or even close to it.

If you want one of the Coolest, yet Hottest cars on the Planet, buy this one today.  The owner of Clean Ride Customs, Bob Calvert,   is not wanting to let this one go....it was just completed last week and he has drove it out to eat twice...He's in love with it.

Check out the video of this car. 

Fly into RSW  (Fort Myers airport) and we will pick you up in a Limo(or the New SRT), whichever you want) and bring you to the shop.

Buy it and drive it home,  or We will trailer it for you.

We build the most Awesome Mercedes  Sprinter limos.....

13-15 passenger limo

Clean Ride Customs 239-xxx-xxxx

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