When Is a Thing not a Thing?

First off, a Thing is a real thing; but there's not much Thing left in this thing.

This is a tube frame buggy that happens to wear a VW Thing body.  We think it's awesome.  $29K isn't cheap, but the work looks great and this should be a lot of fun if you have a place to properly use it.  Interestingly, it's registered as a '74 Thing and thus is street legal and never needs smog.

Lake Elsinore, CA, USA

Yes, there is a Thing body here.  The rest is all custom and damn cool.

Rear keeps the cool VW taillights.

But what was once the engine compartment now houses the fuel cell.

And, yes, the engine is up front, where it shouldn't be.

Interior, such as it is, is functional only.

This angle is too cool not to include!

Ad text:

1974 VW thing with chevy v-8 on tube chassis. new Chevrolet 350 roller motor with R.V. cam, edlebrock intake and performance carb. Newly Rebuilt turbo 400 automatic transmission. headers, dual FlowMaster exhaust. complete new paint, aluminium fuel cell, IRS rear end, 4 wheel disc brakes. mustang power steering, chrome alternator, power steering, valve covers, pulleys, and air cleaner . Beard seats. L.E.D lights. King remote reservoir coilovers. street legal, registered in California. VIN on pink matches body. one of a kind. no smog required needs nothing. 29k obo. possible trade for rzr xp 1000 plus cash. Richie 

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