Wagon + Woodgrain + 383 + Four-speed = Heaven?

This is a Dodge Custom 880, which was the top-of-the-line offering in 1965. Even better, this is the wagon example, originally with woodgrain and a four-speed!

This one currently has a 383 V8 in it, but we think a '65 should have a 361.  In any case, it's not clear which 383 this is.  If it's a late 60s/early 70s engine, one can easily make 400+ torques with the right heads, intake and carb.  Regardless, we imagine it can move this big beast fairly well and sound great doing it.

Supposedly, all body work is done and this is ready for paint.  The next owner will need to decide how stock to keep it, including whether to put the wood grain trim back on.  We hope they will!

This has the potential to be an awesome beast and we absolutely approve of the police steelies and hubcaps used here!  We drive an enjoy until paint time and then go as original as possible, but with stealth upgrades to engine and suspension.  At this point, the price is pretty low, but the reserve hasn't been met.  Will it sell?  Will it blend?

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Suisun City, CA, USA (Bay Area) - or, is it in Arizona??
$3,150 with 24 bids, reserve not met and 16 hours to go

The pics aren't the best, but what's not to love about this classic 60s wagon styling?  This is the best shot of the cool cop wheels which, by the way, are available as reproductions.

Tail lights are well designed and integrate with side and rear trim.  Well done.

Vintage Thrush sticker is a nice touch.  Tow hitch hints at this car's original family hauler usage.

This is the only shot of the front.  This could be fairly menacing.  Detractors will point out that this car will send a lot of time in this state - at the pump.

If the engine swapped, it's unusual that it looks so stock - this could be the original 361?  Maybe a Mopar expert can tell from this pic. Power brakes might be a wise upgrade, given mass and go potential.

The interior looks good overall - not restored, but nice.  Tall shifter is just plain cool.

Here's one more view of he cockpit.  Bench seat plus floor shifter is always an interesting combo.

Ad text:

1965 Dodge Custom 880 2 Seat Wagon, 383 2bbl 270hp, Factory 4sp on the floor 78K. Burgundy/Red with wood grain applique down the sides. Runs & drives great, 217 inches long, top of the line wagon for Dodge. Best wagon of any make for 65. 96 cubic feet of cargo area. Perfect beach car. Rare car only 4 made with this equipment. New heavy duty self adjusting brakes, rebuilt carb, new clutch & pressure plate, It has a factory 4sp transmission, shifts smooth no issues, rear electric window works. Any rust on the car or dents have been fixed. Doesn't need much, prep and primer ready for paint. The rest of the interior is not bad. The car is in Phoenix Az. I've done a lot toward the restoration of this car. The next decision is original or custom, up to you. It's in Fairfield Ca. 40mi east of Oakland. 310-422-0004  


  1. those had crazy cool dashboards

  2. Delicious ride! I'm a sucker for anything with a manual that shouldn't have one.

  3. Both engines were offered in that car. The 361 would have a two barrel carb but the 383 would have a 4 barrel carb.