PT Cruiser Body on Tube Frame

If you've been really close to buying a PT Cruiser but were held back due to cylinder count and FWD, this is the car for you!

While the exterior says PT Cruiser here, it's actually a tube frame with Mustang II front end (a common hot rod trick), a Ford Ranger rear end and a Chrysler 440.  Sadly, no interior shots are included; but we can imagine there's not much there.

$4,500 doesn't seem outrageous for something this, well, interesting.

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McDowell, KY, USA

Yes, it's a two-door panel/delivery, which was never offered by Chrysler. but is an oddly common conversion.  From this angle the side pipes are obvious and it's clear the wheels don't quite fit like they normally would.

From this angle, this car is all sleeper.

Thick meats give things away here.  The cat seems impressed by them.

Under the hood, it's obvious things are different - one would normally find a longitudinally mounted four cylinder here.  This isn't that.

Ad text:

2002 Chrysler PT Cruiser 
440 Automatic
Mustang II frontend
tube frame
8 3/4 rearend ford ranger

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