Donkilicious Buick Centurion

Apparently, this Buick Centurion once belonged to Darren McFadden, the Doak Walker award-winning running back now with the Dallas Cowboys.  Perhaps it's for sale because the colors don't work for his current team.  Of course, these aren't Raiders or Razorback colors, either; so that may not be it.  Regardless, this features 32-inch wheels, donkilicious lift and custom suspension, plus purple and green pretty much everywhere.

These are unusual at any time and in any place, but particularly so outside of a several hundred mile radius of Atlanta.  So, if you're in SoCal and want a donk, this could be your best bet.  Also, you may have a number of other issues.

Here's a link which seems to validate the celebrity ownership claim:

Click for eBay ad
San Diego, CA, USA
$35,000 BIN with offers considered and 6.5 days to go

Here's that unmistakable donk look.  Supposedly, the top is leather.

Yep, another angle.

And, yes, it has a mural of the Hulk on the trunk lid.

Interior is quite possibly worse than the exterior, which is saying something.

Don't expect a lot of cargo space, but do expect some thump.

Power comes from a claimed-to-be-pretty-new big block.

Here's a shot of the custom suspension setup.  Apparently, it rides on air bags of some sort.

Brakes have been upgraded, but is there really anything that can make something with 32-inch wheels stop well?

Ad text:


-Over $100k invested
-Custom paint with airbrushed trunk
-Brand new 32" wheels
-555ci fuel injected Chevy big block & high performance tranny
-Push to start ignition
-Fully custom suspension, 4 link life with air ride self-leveling
-Wilwood 4 wheel disk brakes
Custom leather top
-Custom two tone leather upholstery
-Full JL audio sound system with tons of speakers 
& 4 JL subwoofers in the trunk
-Digital dash
-Front & Rear cameras
-Alpine head unit
-Custom steering wheel
-Chrome & billet accents everywhere

This car has EVERYTHING & more with no expenses spared! Truly one of a kind!

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