Dodge Caliber "Show Car" with Lambo Doors and SEMA Histroy

The Caliber just wasn't odd enough, so someone decided to paint one "chameleon green" and add 22-inch wheels and lambo doors.  In fact, someone did this for Lear corporation and it was shown as the 2006 SEMA show.

As is often the case with such a car, this is all show (love it or hate it) and no go.  Underneath all the custom weirdness is a stock 2.0-liter four cylinder and automatic trans.  The seller is up front about that, however, and also points out that this car only has 646 miles on the odometer.  We imagine it's been in customizing shops for most of the last nine years.  We also imagine it might have bad fuel in the tank.

Here's a link to a SEMA video:  Some things have changed since the show, but most of it is still there.

One bit of very good news: No SRT-4s were harmed in the making of this vehicle.

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Yep, it's green and those doors are "interesting."  There's so much going on that the 22-inch wheels don't even really stand out at first glance.

Front reveals blackout grill and green LEDs.

There are more LEDs at the rear and custom dual exhaust.

Interior has custom touches, but is remarkably tame compared to the exterior.

Yes, there are some green trim bits on the door, but it's somewhat subtle, all things considered.

Yikes.  Okay, that's not subtle.  Apparently, this originally had interchangeable inserts and this is one of them.

Sadly, there are only two pedals...

Green bits adorn the stock engine 2.0.

Ad text:

“Excellent Condition. One of a Kind! The Only known areas of concern are: Rear Wiper shoots fluid but doesn't rotate back and forth. Only the driver can operate the power windows for all four doors. The Airbag Sensor light is on and I do not know what the situation is. It was on when I purchased the car. A few very small scratches. Their is a small draw coming from somewhere because the battery will need to be jumped if it isn't started within 10 days. If you watch the YouTube video from the 2006 Seema Show in Las Vegas (Core-Dimensions iCar Caliber), some of the electronics are no longer in it that appeared in the video. The Speakers located on the inside of rear hatch are no longer there. The XBOX 360 is not in it. The wheels are different (But Cooler). There are no iPods in the car. The passenger side Visor DVD player does not work. The Temperature controls work but rotate about 60% from low to high. All of this can be fixed! The Battery is New as well as the Stereo and DVD Players!”

This is a One of a Kind Dodge Caliber like no other Dodge Caliber.  Originally Designed, Created and Customized by Lear Corporation (Nasdaq Symbol: LEA) to showcase their various Products, Designs and Innovations! It was designed as a Beach car and debuted in the 2006 SEMA Auto show in Las Vegas.  Search the Internet for: SEMA: Core Dimentions iCar Caliber or go to YouTube and type in: 

This car is Chameleon Green and changes color as light hits it. This Unique car has Green LED running lights in both front and back. The front doors are LAMBO - Vertical doors that open out and then up (A Large person will have a difficult time getting into the front seats). It has three DVD players with the ability to watch two different dvd's at the same time. One in the back of each front seat headrest and one is the Stereo Monitor. This has a Kenwood DDX672BH Stereo, Monitor with DVD Receiver, Alpine Speakers throughout, an Alpine Sub and an Alpine Equalizer.  Carbon Fiber is visible throughout the Car.  The Chameleon Green Paint job is so High-End that car people are Amazed!!! You can't get this PAINT job at the Local Paint Shop!  It has Dual Custom Exhaust Tips, a Lift gate Spoiler, Body color Roof Rails, Custom Rocker Panels with Mesh Grill Detail, Zip in/out Custom seat cushions and seat backs for the Front Passenger and both Rear Seats. You can choose to take them out and the seats will be plain Black Leather. Custom Dropstar 22" Wheels, 255-30 ZR Extreme Tires, Custom Painted matching roof rack holders with a bicycle rack included.  This car has 646 miles at the time of this posting!!!  ! Unfortunately the car has acquired a handful of very small scratches that are in the pictures. No dings or dents other than inside the driver side door where you step.  None are visible with the doors closed.

The Motor to this car has Not been Modified.  It is just the 4 cylinder 2.0 motor.  This is the Baddest Ride!!!   It only has 646 Miles on it!!!   You WANT this Car!!!   You NEED this Car!!!     BUY This Car!!!
Someone else will - Don't Lose Out!  BID HIGH!!!  Good Luck!!!

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