A Bond-Mobile that not a Movie Car or a Bug

Yes, Bond Cars made something before the Reliant Robin-based Bug.  This Equipe is based primarily on Triumph Herald parts, but with a unique fiberglass body that is rather attractive.

The seller provides good pics here, but not much info.  It seems the car was saved from the scrap yard and the engine doesn't start.  Given the Triumph underpinnings, the engine should be too much of a concern - in all likelihood, just about any MG/Triumph four cylinder will bolt in.  We do think anyone buying this should be good with fiberglass, as that's where the challenges will lie!  If this stays cheap, this could be a cool way to get something really, truly rare.

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Ovar, Portugal
$205 with 2 bids, reserve not met and 4 days to go

This is a relatively basically styled sports car and looks good overall.

As is often the case with fiberglass, this car has some interesting corner damage and likely had some DIY repairs.

Quad headlights, recessed grill and hood scoop make for a somewhat mean appearance (particularly vs. a Herald).

Rear end styling is rather plain and the trunk lid design is a bit boat-like, given its external hinges.

Yes, there is a top!

Fancy badges!

Interior scream classic Brit sports car, which we love.

There's even a part-time back seat.

Entire bonnet hinges forward to reveal the Triumph four cylinder.  Once piece bonnet was probably easier to render in fiberglass vs. multiple pieces.

Ad text:

1 series Bond Equipe GT convertible 1969 with overdrive

UK Title

need full restoration Service,  floors with some rust and bonnet need some repairs.

The engine don´t start  car is  99% complete

very nice car saved from the yard, price for sell it like he is.

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