We don't know why this car exists.  Perhaps the owner only had access to a 70s Corvette, but always wanted an early 80s Toronado or Riviera?

Aside from a lot of "interesting" body mods, this is a stock Corvette.  The body mods are extensive, however, and definitely make one ask "WTF?"

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Tecumseh, MI, USA
Special thanks go out to reader J.M. for this one!

It's still obvious this started out as a Vette; but almost every panel has been modified in some way.

We see a little bit of 70s Stutz here.  Maybe this is how an Elvis Vette would have appeared?

White walls are fitting here - not really true of any other C3.

Rear has been massively squared off and rear window treatment is comically devoid of curves.  We also imagine the fuel filler is hard to reach now.

Continental kit on a Corvette?  Yep...

Interior is basically stock Vette.  We're not sure whether to be disappointed or relieved.

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