Rolling Cliché: Maserati Biturbo with Fire Damage

What's the first thing that comes to mind when someone says "Maserati Biturbo?"  If you said "Shitbox Market Letter", then you're either me or my brother.  Most people say "fire."

Biturbo owners sometimes get offended and call the fire danger a cliché; but this one, like so many, has roots in the truth. This car is proof that it can happen, but certainly not proof that they all burn.  The pictures reveal some fire damage; but they also reveal damage caused by poor outdoor storage.  Given its Pacific Northwest (albeit Eastern Washington) location, we're not sure it sun or a combination of wet weather and poor weatherproofing caused the damage.  Probably, both are to blame.  This is sad, as these cars have real potential, given plenty of power, cool 80s styling and elegant interiors.

Would you take on this one? Maserati more-or-less eliminated the fire problems in later, fuel injected versions, and the parts and know-how exist today to eliminate the danger in this early car.  With this one, it's just a question of determining the actual extent of the fire damage, as well as the cost to bring the interior back up to snuff.

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Moxee, WA, USA
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Here's the classic design.  Note the damage to the hood paint on the driver's side.

Cool from any angle!

Though faded, the car looks straight enough.

Here's that hood...

Here's the interior.  From this angle, it's not too bad, but the seller has a few close-ups that make us wonder about the wood and leather.  Also, the headliner is falling down, but that's not surprising at this age.

Did this one make it 54K miles before the fire?

Here's that headliner.

The rear seat is coming apart.  It seems strange that the front looks so much better than the rear; but the seller didn't provide close-ups of the front.  Hmm.'s the engine compartment.  It's not clear what might need to be replaced to make it a safe runner.

Turbo plus carb(s) always makes for an interesting intake arrangement.

Here's the fire damage on the underside of the hood.  Minor fire or was the owner quick with the (highly recommended) extinguisher?

Tool kit is intact, but weathered.

Ad text:

SEE ALL PICTURES - More pictures available at:                            1984 Maserati Biturbo 
History unknown. We purchased this vehicle in it's present condition. Have not worked on it. Unable to give any insight into problems, will not turn over so that's as far as I went, will most likely need a motor, Transmission goes in to Gear, Have a box of Emissions Parts, and other? The Tires where flat so tires are Shot one will not hold air, Was told not moved in over 10 years under cover? Please fill free to ask any questions so were on the same page on what to expect on this Maserati. Car Does Not Run or Drive.
54,218 Miles
5 Speed
Motor Seized up? Not sure why.
No major body damage. Some cracks in the front lower valance. 
No rust that I can tell. if you know any spots to look please ask us.
Windshield is cracked. 
Interior fair/ok. Headliner is falling down. Some tears in seats. Regular signs of wear from use and storage. 
Trunk is a little tricky to open, but does open. 
Hood is a little tricky to open, as well. But also does open. 
Color: Red/Orange (paint is sun faded)
Clear title
Under hood fire looks to be under hood liner burned up?- See pictures for details. 
Tires shot from sitting 10+ years
Has original tool box and tools, original jack.
This vehicle is being sold for parts or repair. It does NOT run or drive in it's current condition. Will be sold as is. For parts or repair. 
Local pickup or you arrange for shipping. 
Please see all pictures before you bid. Will be sold as is, where is. 
Willing to add a buy it now price with the right offer. Offer must be made before any bids are placed. 
Deposit required immediately, must be paid in full within 24 hours. Buyer must arrange transportation of vehicle. Must be picked up within 7 days of cleared payment, unless otherwise arranged. Non-refundable deposit. 

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