Original Zagato Zele / Elcar Project

This isn't our first Zele (sold as the "Elcar" here in the US); but it is the most original and complete example we've posted. Our previous find was a two-fer with one involving a Suzuki motorcycle engine.  This one seems to be more of a barn find.  That's the most overused term in the automotive world, but might actually apply here, as it supposedly has been stored indoors for at least 40 years.

As the seller points out, this was one of several vehicles that quickly appeared in the 1970s in response to the fuel crises.  Zagato's solution was a tiny electric car and they put this into production, although only 500 were ever made.

The seller isn't sure what it'll take to get this running; but new batteries were supposedly installed recently.  A charger also appears to be part of the sale, which is good news.  With offers considered, might someone pick this up as a steal?

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Madison, TN, USA
$2,900 BIN with offers considered and 19.5 days to go

Here's that plastic body with its "unique" styling.  Note that the door appears to be included in the sale (unlike that of our previous two-fer).  Note also the Elcar name.

Yes, the other door is mounted!

This is an odd, low-quality image, but it does show the wheel design (if you can call that a design) and, frankly, any picture of this microcar is automatically interesting.

Here's the rear view.  We're not sure what "Electric 2000" means, but it seems to be the model name for all of these.

Here's the door.  The seller indicates that the hinge has been damaged.

We suppose this is how it was stored (?).


Ad text:



    I am offering for sale a very rare, very historic and well preserved 1974 Zagato Zele Italian Electric Car.  This automobile has seen very little use and has been stored indoors for more than 40 years by a family in Tennessee that inherited it.  The family that I acquired this automobile from has no knowledge of its functionality, but appears to be complete, even with charger. The 1974 Zagato Zele is a very rare electric automobile and has hundreds of web pages dedicated to the historic times in which motivated its manufacture and undoubtedly survives in very limited numbers today, especially in this excellently preserved unabused and unmolested condition.

     There were new lead acid batteries purchased for this vehicle and installed very recently but the family that inherited the car does not know anything about it or how to get it running so it is now being offered here on eBay.  I purchased this rare museum collectible electric car from the aforementioned family at a very reasonable price and will be offering it here at a very small profit for myself.  The only issues with the exterior of the car is the driver's side door has a broken hinge and a small weld should have it hanging and functioning again.  Please read below a few of the many articles and historic photographs documenting these dynamic and uncertain times.  I am open to reasonable offers.

My pictures aren't great, but the car is!!!  I'll try to have more uploaded shortly
     The Zagato Zele that I am offering is being sold with a BILL OF SALE ONLY as the title has been lost.  The application process for a title is more laborious than expensive and usually takes about 30 days and a few hundred dollars.


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  2. Has it sold or just expire? I'm looking for one 715-321-1703