Non-Gordini Renault R8 in Los Angeles

The R8 is one of the most unusual-looking (or least usual looking?) small sedans, which means we love them!  This example awaits you in Lawndale, CA and has been upgraded with a 1.1L engine.  Yes, that's an upgrade vs. the base 0.956 liter unit...

French with a rear-mounted engine - what's not to love?  With the blue paint and driving lamps, this has a semi-Gordini look, with without the price or performance.  Still, this will be the talk of any Cars and Coffee and should be a cool cruiser. It will be up to the next owner to decide whether to go full rally or keep this the way it is.

The seller provides pretty good pics, but not much other info.  The condition appears to be excellent.  Missing are any engine shots - hopefully, the condition matches what we can see.  If all is well with it, we think this is a lot of coolness for $5,500.

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Lawndale, CA, USA

Here's the face that looks like no other.  We love it!

From other angles, this car is a bit more conventional, although the rear deck is long due to the rear-mounted engine.  It won't be easy to find a bumper in the US...

The interior is simple and nicely finished to make for a great color combination.  We don't see a tach, but there are ways to address that.

Split bench front likely means European families of six fit into these. Seats are in great shape, just don't look for lateral support.

We love the painted and semi-covered doors for the contrast, as well as the utilitarian door pulls.

Ad text:

This very clean Renault 8 has been upgraded to 1100cc. The car is driver quality and has very nice paint, interior, and some nice upgrades. This is a very cute car to drive and has the European rally look.

The previous owner put a lot of time and effort and money into this Renault and it is fun to drive.

There is a video of this particular car up on YouTube so please feel free to search it. We are not asking a lot of money for this Renault 8. It would be a perfect coffee car for the weekends or to keep at your holiday house.


  1. "It won't be easy to find a bumper in the US..."
    No shit... that why we have the internet and you just order one from france where they still have thousands of them...

    "We don't see a tach, but there are ways to address that."
    Yeah most cars didn't come with a tachometer, and there is no need to install one, use you ears and shift gears based on sound and speed.

    "Split bench front likely means European families of six fit into these."
    You are crazy... this car fits 4 people and 4 people only... its a small bloody car... no way are you fitting 6 in here...

  2. Thank you for your - um - constructive and insightful comments!

  3. Always nice to have the seller comment on one of your posts! :-)