Mercury-Branded Pinto Cruising Wagon with Manual Trans

If you know oddball cars, then the Pinto Cruising Wagon needs no introduction.  No other vehicle brought quite as much 70s van culture into a compact size.  What could be better?  A Mercury version!

Let's make one thing clear in order to avoid claims of false advertising: This is a Pinto with a Mercury front clip.  Merc never officially made a Cruising Wagon clone.

With that out of the way, it seems someone decided this should exist, so here it is.  This 1976 Pinto has Mercury bits

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Greenville, SC, USA
$1,795 with ZERO bids and six days to go

Was this Ronald McDonald's car at one time?

Here's the iconic Cruising Wagon rear 3/4 view with the porthole

Here's the ultra-luxury Merc front end.'s dat azz.

There's plenty of cargo space here with the seats folded down.

The interior is dingy, but should be easy to fix up, as it looks like it's all there.  We'd like to see better finishing work around the shifter, though.

A turbocharged 2.3 should technically fit right in, you now.  Even if that's not done, we'd love to see that exhaust manifold refinished...

Ad text:

1976 Mercury Bobcat / Ford Pinto Cruisin’ Wagon 

Converted Ford Pinto Wagon
Previous owner added Mercury Front clip to Pinto Wagon
Replaced Station wagon windows with Cruisin Wagon panels

Recently rebuilt 2300cc (2.3) 4 cylinder
Upgraded T-5 5 speed manual transmission

Very good tires

New upper and lower control arms
New front brakes
New Alternator and Regulator
New exhaust

Interior needs carpet and door panels

Set up for A/C, but compressor not currently installed // Compressor included in sale

Solid floors, though rear floors will need work  at some point

Runs great // drive anywhere // cruises painlessly at 80mph

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