Isetta / VW Combo Project

The last time we broke a story on a modified Isetta, it made the rounds on all of the major online car sites.  We're not sure that will happen this time...

It's not that today's feature isn't interesting, it's that it's very much an incomplete project and the seller has only included two images.  Apparently, a VW transaxle has been fitted, which is why this has a comically large rear track with wheels/tires not even close to fitting within the stock fender (such as they are).

We're certainly intrigued, but this is a really bad Craigslist ad - it's not clear whether an engine is even included or, if so, whether it runs and we don't know if any parts not shown are included.  Given that, it's impossible to put a value on it. Maybe that's why there's not even an asking price...

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Los Angeles, CA, USA
No Price Listed

This has the potential to be interesting, although we'll bet the project was started before prices went upon microcars.

The steering wheel is present, but no seat.  It's not clear whether it may be included in the sale.  Same with the glass, which probably isn't cheap or easy to find.

Ad text:

This Isetta has been tricked out with a vw transaxle. I build very cool microcars that have been featured on popular TV shows and this little beauty was going to be my next project. Due to its age, it is being sold as is, where is.

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