Hideous Gucci GMC Denali

If you find this tasteful, you should buy it.  You should be institutionalized.

Where to begin?  This thing has two-tone black/Gucci pattern exterior paint/wrap (?), lambo doors, 30-inch wheels and the interior one would expect on such a thing.  Also, per the seller, it has "waterproof speakers under inside the hood by the grill."  Okay.

The interior description includes ostrich and Gucci; so you get the picture, even if the seller didn't include any good ones.  As you'd expect, the audio system is over the top and eliminates all cargo room.

Mechanically, the power train and drive train are stock, which isn't surprising on this type of rig.  Air suspension has been added, however, along with backup batteries for that and the audio system.

So, it's not practical; but, to be fair, it is clearly described as a show truck.  What type of show, we don't know.

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Austin, TX

The doors are obvious, but we don't think Yukon hoods were meant to open that way.

Note the Gucci patter in the silver areas on the exterior, as well as the massive wheels.  Even with air ride, the ride can't be too comfy.

This is the only real interior shot we get, but it's all anyone should want to see.

Audio system is certainly impressive. Rear visibility - probably not so much.

Ad text:

2000 GMC Yukon Denali Gucci Custom 5.7L 8 Cylinder Engine, 5 Speed Automatic Transmission.

So Im selling a one of a kind Gucci Denali, very very rare. It has been my pride and joy but have to let it go. I used it for many car shows and have won many 1st place trophies, if your gonna keep showing I'll give you all my trophies.

So why is it one of a kind, and very rare let me tell you. Everything works perfect, garage kept year round, one owner, non smoking.

So for the mods: Let's start on the outside. It's a two tone paint, original black and Gucci pattern on the lower half as u can see in the pics. Has Lambo doors, they go up 90%, Has a tilt hood, both kits are high dollar kits no BS. Also has custom Escalde vents, to top it off it has 30's with a low pro tire. Comes with one of a kind custom air ride kit, made by Air ride suspension. This kit was special made just for my truck. It has front, back and side to side and come with a digital display. Has 2 5 gallon tanks and 2 compressorsvery fast to fill air back up. Once again look at the pics. It also has waterproof speakers under inside the hood by the grill. Engine has never been worked on it's a 5.7L only thing I did was a K&N ram air kit. Engine is kept very clean and oil changed regular.

So the inside once again one of a kind custom interior. The seats are black and gray with black ostrich. The doors are also black ostrich and bottom of doors are Gucci. The head linear is all Gucci with custom lighting. For the sound system it has 7" in-dash Kenwood with every option u can think of, 6 tv's, headrest and sun visors. For the mids and highs it has Focal speakers all around and custom kick panels with very loud horns, once again see pics. The back end has a ported box with 4-13.5 JL Audio top of the line subs JL has. For the amps I went with MTX Audio. One large amp is pushing all subs and the other 2 amps are for the mids and highs. It has 3 TREO Audio battery for believe me no lights are dimming as you hear your music. One battery is under the hood to run the truck, and the other 2 are hiding behind the big box. The truck is wired for indoor car shows with a large compressor, so you can leave your music on all day at the shows without a problem. Once again it's a one of a kind rare Gucci Denali.

Please dont call about I can help you sell it!! DON'T NEED HELP SELLING IT!

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