Crofton Bug Project with many Needs

This isn't our first Crofton Bug; but the other feature was in much better condition. This one supposedly ran recently, but it has a lot of cosmetic needs.

These cool micro-Jeeps are based on the Crosley Farm-o-Road and use Crosley engines.  These were only made for five years or so (roughly 1958 to the early 60s) with about 200 to 250 built.  While only two-wheel drive, these offer a low range, which should help keep them out of trouble off-road.

If one can get it reliably running (clean out fuel tank, new rubber lines, etc.) and the rust is primarily superficial, this could be a cool driver with "patina."  This is on the coast, so one can hope it's mostly surface rust.  On the other hand, it's tiny; so the body and paint shouldn't cost too much.

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Ventura Beach, CA, USA

There's not much one can say about the styling!

One seat frame is present, but we don't know where the other is.  Good news is there's not  much more to the interior.

Again...hopefully just surface rust (?).

The seller is proud of the recently-installed, NOS speedometer.  We're not sure what controls might be missing.

Engine is in place.

Plug wires, anyone?

Extra trans is good news here.

Ad text:

1960 CROFTON BUG crosley, extremeley RARE.
i have extra parts. i had it running with tubes/wires to it.
extra tranny, nice moon caps and other lights. NOS speedo installed and other items.
i only respond to emails iwth phone #s or call.
thanks jaybee


  1. Do you still have extra parts? My # 805-857-2785 I am restoring a 1960 Bug

    thanks for your time,
    Roger Campbell, Fillmore, Ca.

  2. I actually bought this bug from the seller. The seller was kind of a pain to deal with and didn't treat this bug right. I rebuild the transmission that he had torn apart and had left in the rain and stuck it back in the bug and it now runs pretty good