Celebrity Eurosport Wagon, Eh!

Remember the Chevy Celebrity?  Yes, it was basic transportation in its day and precisely zero celebrities drove Celebrities.  Even a car this boring had a special edition, in this case known as the Eurosport.  This Eurosport wagon is as cool as a Celebrity can possibly be.  Is that cool enough?

This car is a Canadian example for sale in British Columbia and has a claimed 20K kilometers (about 12K miles).  Although it has a few blemishes nicely documented by the seller, this is close to a true time capsule and, first and foremost, make us wonder WHY?

Regardless of why, you will likely never find another Celebrity Eurosport Wagon in anything near this condition.  If you insist on metric gauges, this is probably a true one-of-one.  This does have a version of the 2.8 liter V6 - rather than the Iron Duke four - so one would hope it has enough torque to handle modern freeways.  Of course, anyone who drove a 1980s S10 Blazer can comment on what a dog that engine can be.

Still, despite the Eurosport badges, upgraded suspension and "sporty" steel wheels, buying this car today isn't about performance, it's about quirkiness and wagon practicality.  We think this car offers both in spades and we'd be proud to drive this semi-modern oddball!

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Victoria, BC, Canada
$5,600 BIN with offers considered

We haven't seen a Celebrity wagon in years (decades?) and certainly haven't seen any Celebrity (80s Chevy or 80s Hollywood) in such great condition since they were new.

Clean, angular styling works perfectly with the wagon.  These were blocky and boring when new, but now they get retro street cred.  The Eurosport's blacked-out window trim means this one looks less dates.

Front view is, well, pure Chevy Celebrity.

Red badges and trim scream Euro to us and were unique to the Eurosport.

Here's the cargo area, which is more adequate in capacity.

Could a dash be less curvy?  With column shift and no console, things are open and airy and a front-center passenger has some leg room.  Note that rear seat occupants even get an ashtray!

Front bench seat shows no signs of use, which is consistent with the mileage.

Rear seat looks brand new.

Four crank windows mean fewer hassles down the road.

Yes, this vehicle has a spare tire. It's wisely mounted in a way that doesn't take up much usable cargo space.

Here's the ridiculously clean engine compartment with its sideways 2.8 liter V6.  A few versions were available - maybe a GM expert can chime in and tell us which one this is.

Yes, this is a genuine Canadian model with KPH, instead of MPH.  It's interesting that US vehicles usually have/had KPH as secondary markings, but this one has MPH nowhere.  Maybe Quebec forbade it?  Correction!  MPH markings are indeed present and very hard to see.  Thanks to reader "anonymous" (man, he or she contributes a lot!) for pointing that out.

Ad text:

1986 Chevrolet Celebrity

EuroSport Station Wagon

Only 12,613 original miles!

(20,300 km)

You are looking at a 1986 Chevy Celebrity 'EuroSport' station wagon that is in almost mint condition. This vehicle amazingly has only 12,613 original miles (20,300 km) and has been kept in a heated storage facility for most of her life.

Truly remarkable, this is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to own a super low mileage vehicle in such good condition. This is a mid-size 4-door station wagon with the EuroSport handling/appearance package which includes Sport Rallye wheels (14" steel), blacked out window-area trim, heavier duty transmission and F41 suspension.  

The EuroSport interior is flawless and identical to other Celebrities (other than diesel models), featuring unique red emblems on the interior door panels and dash. The exterior features unique red center stripes on the protective rubber door and bumper molding. Fender and trunk emblems are red as well. 

Extra storage area is provided in the trunk of the station wagon and the spare tire compartment holds a spare tire and jack (never removed from vehicle). 

Vehicle has not been smoked in, although there is a cigarette lighter and ashtrays in the vehicle.  

Celebritys were the top selling cars in the US in 1986 and you will be hard pressed to ever find one in this condition. It is ready for collector plates.  

The 2.8L (173 cu. in.) transverse front engine V6 looks like it could be just out of the show room. This model sports the 700 R4 3-speed automatic overdrive transmission, power steering, power brakes, air conditioning, factory radio, roof rack and front wheel drive. 

The exterior is 'champagne' color and is super clean - only noticeable flaws (see pictures) being: 

some rubbing off of a bit of the red detail line on the bumpers
a very small chip on the driver's door
a spot of rust on the bottom of the front fender
a broken rear window wiper arm (owner attempting to locate and install a replacement)
This vehicle is located in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada and it will be the buyer's responsibility to arrange shipping. There are a few different options available. An example of some costs from Victoria, BC to Alabama were researched. A company called U-ship allows you to post the item you need shipped on their website and cargo transport companies bid on the transport. They quoted approximately $1400 US (but that is obviously just an estimate), plus brokerage fees plus a 1% single entry bond fee. The single entry bond fee is based on 1% of the purchase price of the vehicle which needs to be at least at current market value.

Another shipping company quoted $1995 US plus $125 brokerage fee plus a 1% single entry bond fee. The best case scenario for shipping costs to Alabama from Victoria is $1600 US and worst case $2185 door to door. There is no BC tax for sales outside of BC. This is a 30 year old car and no warranty is either expressed or implied. 

Upon a successful bid, a deposit of $500 is to be paid through PayPal, with the balance to be provided by a certified bank draft when picking up the vehicle. 

For further information, additional pictures of the vehicle or to discuss timelines for payment and delivery, please contact the owner directly at 250-xxx-xxxx or email the owner, Rob at XXXX Thanks for looking.


  1. The speedo does have MPH - hard to see, but in blue, beneath the white strip.

  2. Thanks and great catch! It was been corrected...