Beautiful Brown Citroen HY Van

This awesome example of post-war French styling is fittingly for sale in Roswell, New Mexico.

As was often the case with post-war European vehicles, this H van had a very long life cycle.  Given it's a commercial vehicle, this one pushed the limits with production from from 1947 to 1981.  The original design used a lot of what was available at Citroen at the time, which means this is a front-wheel drive vehicle - unusual at the time for a fairly large van.  Given this is a later example, however, this one comes with a diesel that might motivate it a bit better than the other 1.9- and 1.6-liter fours used in these vans.

This is a claimed solid and mechanically sound van, and the cargo area is ready for hauling stuff; but not people.  This van has previously been used by a band and a caterer and seems ideal for proudly representing another business.  The $10K bid seems reasonable for something this cool and unusual, assuming no surprises are found.  Obviously, EPA is okay with this, but we're not sure whether any US states have problems with registration or smog testing, given these were never officially imported.

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Roswell, NM, USA
$10,000 with ZERO bids, reserve not met and 5 days to go

UPS brown looks perfect on this oddball.

The seller includes plenty of post-apocolyptic shots.

Strange from any angle!

Right side door slides open.

The front is absolutely iconic, especially with the giant Citroen emblem.

Here's the only shot of the engine.

The top section of the rear doors swings up to access cargo, and the lower doors can also be opened.

Cockpit appears to be in very good shape.

Everything about this is minimalist, which is appropriate for a 1940s design that changed very little over the years.

Here's the cargo area.  Depending on usage, a refinish may not be needed.

Ad text:

For sale, this rare 1979 Citroen HY Indenor (Diesel) Van. This is a good and solid van, with very few mechanical or rust issues. It spent almost it's entire life in the vineyards of Burgundy and received major mechanical work prior to being shipped to the U.S.   The radiator block was replaced, as were the crankshaft main seal, the fuel injectors, the fuel pump was rebuilt, the clutch replaced, brake system replaced, new tires, all lights and wiring replaced, the van also received a major tune-up and the seats were reupholstered. It has been used as a catering van and a band van.   The van is located in Roswell,NM and has a clear New Mexico Title. 

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