A Crosley Incomplete Project Two-Fer

This two-fer will result in one working car, at best, and even that will take some time.  Hopefully, the right buyer comes along to make something really nice out of these.  They deserve it!

This two-fer includes one 1950 Hot Shot and one 1951 Super Shot.  These were very closely related; so most parts are interchangeable.  One catch: no engine is included.  We think that provides an opportunity to add modern power - perhaps a bike engine.  Whatever the buyer decides to do, this will take some work, despite the car's diminutive size.  Maybe someone can talk the owner down from $2K?

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East San Diego County, CA, USA

These always had cool, sporty styling and some versions actually had surprising features, like four-wheel disc brakes.

Rears offer just a hint of early Jaguar XK styling, though these are simpler and much smaller.

The red car has something of an interior and is a complete body on frame.

The yellow one is a solid body with no frame.  We must assume there's a reason the red body isn't usable.  Otherwise, why not just restore that car?

There's no interior in the yellow one, but it does look solid enough.

Ad text:

1950 Crosley Hot Shot body + chassis (no engine) and 1951 Crosley Super Sport body (no chassis or engine). Intended for a project to rebuild one running vehicle out of two. Looking for someone who covets the opportunity to restore a rare Crosley vehicle. Located in San Diego. This vehicle is available for local pick-up. Shipping arrangements and cost will be the responsibility of the purchaser.

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