1967 Nissan Patrol Project

You won't likely find another remotely complete Nissan Patrol for under $3K, but it's also not clear exactly that this one needs.

According to the seller, this was a project about to be painted, but work stopped and it's been sitting for years.  We don't doubt any of that.  What's not at all clear is what it will take to get this truck running - is the engine seized or does it just need a freshening with new fuel, oil and coolant?  Oops, we forgot the recheck the headline of the ad.  The seller claims this one runs, which might make this one hell of a deal!

You'll need to find out before making an offer on this one, but we'll add that the price won't likely come down much if the body and frame are indeed solid here.  This truck has absolutely massive potential, as these are awesome when fixed up.

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Lancaster, CA, USA (the desert)

It's not pretty, but this little beast looks mostly complete and mostly straight.  Of course, we wonder about the missing lamps, trim and badges.

This side doesn't look any better or worse.  This truck would greatly benefit from some steel wheels with properly-sized, off-road tires.

Snaps are in place, so this truck once wore a soft top.  They don't grow on trees here in the US, but they can be found.  It's not clear what's going on with the flush bumper and lack of opening tail gate doors.

At first glance the interior looks terrible, but this was mostly painted metal to begin with.  Seats will need to be recovered (easy), and one can hope the gauges work or can be repaired.

The big four liter straight six is in place and appears to be complete.  The presence of the air cleaner assembly is a good sign, but we're not sure about the under hood gas can!  Maybe that was an effort to get it started?

Ad text:

Great little jeep. 4spd, awd, 4x4, all original, no top, but easy to find a new one online.
Sitting for years in desert, was ready for paint and we stopped the rest project.


  1. Just FYI, the ad heading says "Runs!". I'd say snatch that thing up, ASAP.

    1. Doh! It's only the headline. Thanks!