Thoroughly Pimped W140 S320

Sometimes Tacky is the most appropriate term for a vehicle.  It's ever better when the car made tacky was the base model to begin with and when the asking price is comical at best.

First off, yes, Mercedes Benz offered an inline six in the boxy W140 S-Class.  You've probably seen one but the owner had ripped the badge off to be Euro.  Or, you were inside one which was a livery car in Europe.

Second, someone decided to take this bottom-rung S-Class and pimp it out.  Other than that, this is a 150K mile, arguably under-powered S-Class.  The best news here is that a car cover is included in the sale; so one can feasibly hide this car without sacrificing garage space.  Hopefully, the cover wasn't made by the shop that did the interior.

Regarding price, this one's pretty amazing.  Kelley Blue Book says this car (sans pimp crap) is worth about $1,200.  The seller is asking exactly ten times that much!  We'll go on record as saying that's not a very good deal unless you think a pimp puking on a car is a value multiplier or, unless the trim can be melted down to yield ten or more ounces of 24K gold.

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Somewhere in New Hampshire?

How has he pimped thee?  Let us count the ways.  Shitty gold can be seen on the wheels, door handles, lower trim, wheel arch trim, mirrors, spoilers (yes, two of them), AMG badges (on this non-AMG), b-pillar trim and daylight opening trim.  Not to mention the 1980ish-Caddy-inspired two-tone paint.

Sadly, the other side looks no better.

How about a close-up of the mirror and door handles?

How about that wheel arch trim?  Here's an AMG badge, too.

Note the lower AND upper spoilers in gold, as well as the script in the rear window.

Inside, things aren't much better.  From this angle, we see cheesy gold trim on the vents and shifter, as well as tacky, leopard print mats.

Wait, what's with the leather, you ask?  Yes, it seems the owner wanted a little more color vs. the usual (classy) M-B interior.  Note also the gold trim around the shifter bezel and each and every switch.

The leather is even worse than you think.  Not only is it festooned with lions, but it has some sort of paisley print on yet another base color.

Seat bottoms carry over the terrible pattern and color, and rear mats match the front ones.

Ad text:

beautiful one of a kind mercedes S320 always maintained runs like new needs nothing and in excellent shape,customized indide and out all the trim is 24 Kt Gold and there is a brand new set of wheels that go with the car also a remote 50 disc changer in the trunk plus the factory one. also a custom car cover any questions please ask...will assist with shipping thanx


  1. How enormous would a 50 disk changer be?
    Never seen such a thing.

    As to the rest of the car... wow.

  2. $500 if it runs and drives ok.