The Best Vinyl-Bodied Car Ever?

Yes, the Velorex is technically a car and, yes, the body is made of vinyl stretched over a frame made of steel tubing.

These cool little cars were made in Czechoslovakia from the 1940s through 1960s, before production shifted to an actual four-wheeled car (one of which we have never seen for sale).  These cool little three-wheelers do come up for sale periodically and, naturally, we love them here at Oddimotive.

The formula isn't altogether unfamiliar: tiny size and motorcycle power combined to make a very affordable car for war-torn central Europe.  In this case, though, three wheels were used and, as previously stated, the body consists of steel tubing, over which vinyl is stretched.

It will be interesting to see where the bidding stops and whether the reserve is met...

Click for eBay ad
Naples, FL, USA (it's a good thing for my wallet that this is far away from me)
$2,702 with 31 bids, reserve not met and 5 days to go

Yes, that's a "soft" body.

Here's the cool rear with the single wheel.

The vinyl-over-tubing look reminds one of early aircraft.

This might be hard to see on the freeway.

Interior here is pretty much what you'd expect, but it does have an oddly classy look.  We love the brown over red combo.

Yes, there's some space behind the driver - I great place to keep a potential projectile...

Here's the single cylinder, two-stroke engine.  Estimated out put is 8.5 horsepower!

Ad text:

 very very rare VELOREX 175cc, one of 800 made, very good investment to future. vehicle works perfectly, runs and drives, very good condition. will be delivered to Naples Florida after reserve price is met. deposit 1000usd required.

we specialize in eastern oldtimers, if you wish any other vehicle, please contact me.



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