Rare First-Gen Prelude

This is a claimed 125K miles, one-family 1980 Honda Prelude which appears the be in great shape.  When did you last see one of these?

What's the catch, you ask?  This one has an automatic trans; so maximum driving fun is not in the cards.  Still, this car deserves to be preserved and enjoyed!  125K miles should be absolutely nothing to an early Honda, and we'll bet this will have fewer problems than a 25K miles example would.

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Chandler, AZ, USA

These were a fairly common sight back in the day; but we hardly ever see them now.  The styling has worn well.  The brownish gold paint is perfect for the period and appears to be in great shape.

Front end is handsome enough and instantly recognizable to anyone familiar with these.

The rear is nicely done, too, though it may be a bit more generically late 70s/early 80s Japanese.

Five-spoke wheels look good here and those mud guards, while not the most attractive, has probably saved the paint from chips.

The body looks good 'n straight.

Not many interior pics are included, but we love this shot of the badass combination speedo and tach.

Here's the only other interior shot.  I imagine showing the clean, original radio and the intact lighter implies that the rest of the interior is in great shape.

Ad text:

1980 Honda Prelude 1st Generation.
This Honda has been in my family from day 1. 
Everything is original, its never been in an accident
Everything works
Just under 125k miles 
Interior upholstery can be updated but in good shape
8 track tape AM/FM player still in working order
Just had the carb rebuilt 
New battery
Daily driver
There is a one of a kind...

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