Mid-Engine Military Volvo

We in the US didn't see them often, but Volvo made some thoroughly impressive and interesting military vehicles over the years.  This C303 platform was under many truly a go-anywhere vehicles, and today's feature is the "TGB 1111" variant, which means it's the (sporty?) cabriolet version.

The seller provides almost no information, but we know this is powered by a midships-mounted inline six cylinder.  Those familiar with the luxurious Volvo 164 will recognize the B30 engine.

It's not clear whether any top is included in this sale, which may or may not matter to the next owner.  It seems like this would have been a chilly ride with no top in Denmark.

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Lime, Mørke, Denmark
$2000 with 1 bid, reserve not met and 7 days to go

Cab forward design should provide a commanding view of the trail ahead.

Full roll bar could be good news for anyone who really wants to test this vehicle's capabilities.

The last business to own the truck seems to have left its logo on the rear door.

Rear view - still not much to look at.

Interior is less spartan than suggested.  Hopefully, it is water proof?  Manual shifter look like a bit of a reach, but we're happy to see it.

The rear-facing, right-side passenger can work on the engine whilst someone else drives!

Here's a closeup of the logo - apparently a fence company, if are to believe Google Translate.  Note the interesting passenger layout and familiar SU carb.

Ad text:

“Brakes needs to be fix, for more info write”

 18000km fun truck

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