Cutlass with Batmobile and Plane Influences

Apparently, this was a promotional vehicle related to one of a few high-speed, jet-powered semi trucks.  What does a white, Batmobile-esque Cutlass have to do with fast trucks?  We don't know, either.  Regardless, this may be the oddest Cutlass extant.

This is powered by a GM 350 crate engine, which should do a lot better than the Olds stocker would have. The really good news here is that each canopy on this car opens separately for easy access.  After all, anyone considering buying this car is more worried about daily practicality.

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Webb City, MO, USA
$4,900 with 4 bids, reserve not met and 6 days to go

Well, folks, this one's unique.

Yes, the massively finned spoiler assembly carries the plane theme past the canopies.

Ahead of the hood, the car is surprisingly stock, which means it really doesn't match.

In the rear, the spoiler, etc. really is just laid over the trunk.  as with the front, the car underneath all this stuff is stock.

This is all we get to see of the interior, and we can't make much out, though it looks at least partially stripped.  The seller does indeed claim it needs TLC.

Crate 350 is claimed new and certainly looks clean.

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One of a kind custom Olds Cutlass built as the Shockwave Jet truck chase car by Kent Shockley. New crate 350 engine installed and less than 1000 miles on it. Air ride, custom RV4 aircraft canopies, rebuilt turbo 400 transmission.  This car was used in air shows and at drag strips all over the continental United States. Custom built and designed. Aircraft canopies open on both sides of the car to allow easy entrance through the doors. The interior and some of the custom stripping need some TLC, but the design of this vehicle is just plain cool. 

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