A Cutlass That's Not Cut-less

Yes, this Cutlass was cut.  Olds never offered a convertible version of this generation of Cutlass.  As a matter of fact, this entire generation of A- and G-Body never had a factory convertible.  That didn't stop someone from chopping this one as part of a lowrider project that never got off - or on? - the ground.

Supposedly, the body was reinforced as part of this conversion, but we have low confidence in that area.  What we do know is that this thing has been mostly gutted, but is claimed to run well.  The hydraulic cylinders are installed at each corner, but that's about it.  The interior parts are, however, included as part of the sale - at least we can certainly see the ugly seats in two of the images.

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Perris, CA, USA

It's always good to include 1.5-year-old, date stamped photos as part of your sale.

Front is missing some goodies, but the seller does include images of the bumpers, so not all is lost.

All body rigidity may be lost, however, as might be any foul weather capability.  We see no provision for a top on this one.

Milk crate driver seats rock!  Note oddly coloured dash/center stack.

Not much to look at here, but no visible rust, either.

Here are the seats in white with red.

Trunk shows the beginnings of some efforts, but not much.

Engine compartment looks complete, but dirty.

Ad text:

Engine runs good, transmission works, cutlass project ready for sanding and paint. Reinforced body has been cut to be a roadster convertible. Nice California lowrider, Was a a custom 80's lowrider in Texas, brought out to Cali to Hop, partial frame reinforced, has a cylinder in each corner, (needs pumps, batteries, solenoids) Nice project, I have all trimming, all plastic, bumpers. 
$1400 invested in just the upholstery and carpet kit all included, wire wheels also go with sale. JUST NEEDS PAINT and PUT BACK TOGETHER! Clean Title in hand. 

You can drive it up on your car hauler

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