1989 Nissan Sentra Surf-Mobile

A two-door Sentra surf-mobile?  Why, yes, it is!  The racks on top hold the boards and there's a shower for rinsing off.  What more do you need?  If your answer is Mercedes, AMG and "Turbo" emblems, then this is the car for you!

Ignore the entertaining mods and this is basic transportation, which isn't a bad thing.  This is small and light with a manual trans.  The seller says it's a four-speed, which may be true, as that was still the base transmission at the time.  Mileage isn't listed; so you'll have to inquire.  The interior appears to be in great shape, however, which suggests this has been taken care of to some extent.

Did we mention the two 12-inch subwoofers and/or neon under-lighting?  If those don't force you to rush out and buy this at roughly $2K, we don't know what will.

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San Clemente, CA, USA

Ah yes, the B12 Sentra - the boxiest Sentra of all!  Note the Porsche (or VW?) "Turbo" emblem on the grill, as well as the Mercedes hood ornament.

Duct-tape repairs are "interesting", as is the AMG badge.

Eight-ball shifter and audio gear seem to be the extent of the interior mods.  It looks like the head unit is a little too deep?

Seats appear to be in great shape.

Here's the money shot.  No, not the broken tail light - the shower!  We guess this came from an RV??

Trunk is mostly taken up with the giant subwoofer box, but you can see the shower plumbing.  It does appear to offer only cold water, as only one fitting is hooked up.  We're not sure whether the gas can contains fuel or shower water, but we're not entirely comfortable seeing it next to the amp and DIY wiring job...

Ad text:

Runs good, A/C still works, never broken down, very unique, great first car or just fun to drive
2x 12" subs, 4 speed manual, neon underglow, shower in the back, roof racks, AUX 929524263three

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