Worst NSX Ever?

Did you ever wonder what an NSX would look like as a full convertible (not just a targa)?  Well, here's your answer.  If you are also into gangsta rap stars' cars, this qualifies, given it belonged to Ice Cube.  Presumably, this seller hopes to cash in on Straight Outta Compton hype.  For the concerned purists, please note that this is an automatic-equipped NSX; so it essentially had no value in the first place!

What more can we say?  Okay, mileage is claimed to be 45K; so very low.  Probably, this is such a terrible drive that not many miles were racked up.  Also, Ice Cube probably had multiple vehicles...

The quality of the work seems good enough and the conversion wasn't cheap; but there's no documentation of anything done to add rigidity.  We assume Honda later went the targa route because the targa area parts were critical; so we're worried.  Still, how hard will an automatic-equipped NSX ever be driven?  Probably, this car is right at home cruising in Florida, far away from the canyon roads of its first home.

Will this get any bids?

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Venice, FL, USA
$55,000 with ZERO bids, reserve not met and 7 days to go

Admittedly, the NSX looks nice as a convertible; but we wonder how rigid this car could be.

Not bad - even with the top up.

Could this have any rearward visibility at that angle?

Here's another angle - still looks good.

Here's the non-money shot, with the automatic shifter visible.

This shows the odometer and its 45K reading.

Here's that high-revving, midships-mounted V6.

Front compartment appears correct, which is to say it's full.

Here's some of the Ice Cube documentation with the VIN shown.  It does seem to be legit.

Apparently, Ice Cube paid $12.5K for the conversion to convertible.  It looks like this company is still in business.

Ad text:

“The paint is beautiful but there are about 3 very small defects in the paint that I have taken pictures of. The convertible top was designed beautifully and is brand new. The interior is in very good shape, the car runs and drives perfectly and the AC and heat work perfectly as well. This car was bought by Ice Cube in 1992 and since then has had a bluetooth stereo system put in and new aftermarket rims and has been turned into a convertible.”

This beautiful 92 Acura NSX was bought by Ice Cube in 1992. Since then it has been turned into a manual top convertible. It is a one of a kind NSX there is not another like it. It has a Kenwood touchscreen Bluetooth Stereo system and aftermarket rims. The paint is almost perfect besides about 3 small chips or defects in the paint that I posted pictures of. The interior is in very good shape as well. The rear interior light cover located right behind the center console is missing. The car has 45255 original miles and runs and drives like new. It looks incredible with the top on or off but it's like it was made to be a convertible, when the top is off the wind doesn't even mess up your hair while going 120 mph down the highway. The AC/Heat/Defrost all work like new. Has power everything. The worst part about this car is the very small chip in the paint. 

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