Six-Wheeled Smart Car Pickup Conversion

Have you always wanted a Smart car, but you were worried you couldn't haul bulk compost if you took that plunge?  If so, this is the vehicle for you!

The seller is a promotional company that modifies vehicles for advertising purposes, but it seems they push the "Smartruck" as something of a masterpiece.  This one is built on a 29K smart car with an indicated rebuilt title.  No information is provided related to mechanical equipment or condition; so we must assume this retains the stock Smart three-cylinder and single-clutch automated manual trans.  That means this probably features what is arguably the worst transmission sold in recent history.  Normally, it adds to the fore-aft rocking fun - what with its slow shifts - but this car has engineered that out with a longer wheelbase.

The seller, in Quebec, is asking $15,999 USD.  What's this worth to you?

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Bolton-Ouest, Quebec, Canada
$15,999 BIN price

With its added length, we assume this has less fore-aft rocking vs. a stock Smart.  Of course, that odd trait is one of the things that makes driving a Smart entertaining.

Ah, that profile.

And, yes, the rear.  Enough parts were kept to make this clearly look like a Smart from the rear.

Here's the bed area.  The spoiler is clearly an inconvenience!

The fact that the rear hatch still opens is good for engine access.

Here's a closeup of the groovy custom, three-lug wheels.

Ad text:

We buy mint condition smart cars, and convert them into mini pickup trucks, which we nicknamed the Smartruck. These cars are professionally built by our team of welders and engineers who have spent many months just planning a design. Each Vehicle is built on perfection, adding extra length to the vehicle for extra stability while driving. These vehicles are custom built by TNTPromotionalVehicles. The Smartruck can be used for personal uses, as well as commercial purposes such as for advertising, its unique look gets all the attention on the road! For someone who wants to step up their SMART game, this is the vehicle for you! for more information, and more pictures, visit our website @

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