Rare Ihle Schottenring Car

A Schottenring car was basically a fair or carnival ride - these little cars ran on a wooden track and had bumpers, much like an early version of Disney Autopia.

This particular example was made by GEBR: IHLE, a company foundered by two brothers previously in the coachbuilding business.  The interwebs indicate that the Ihle brothers may have even invented the BMW twin kidney grill.

The seller claims it is complete and original, and the photos appear to back that up.  The Studebaker bullet front end is fantastic, and it does look like all trim is present.  The engine is claimed to need only some cleanup.

Note that this car is not for road use.  Regardless, we love it!

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San Luis Potosí, SLP, Mexico
$17,000 BIN with offers considered

Unlike modern amusement park car, this one has serious style.

Profile shot shows cool details from the period, including full fenders.

Continental kit is an awesome touch, reminiscent of a period BMW.

Here's the Studebaker bullet front end.

Rear view has some cool curves.

The badge even has a lot of detail.

Here's a shot of the tiny wheel and tire.  The knockoffs are very cool!  Bring your lead hammer...

Interior is spartan, as you'd expect.

That continental kit serves a purpose, as it's actually the engine cover.

Here' a closeup of the single-cylinder engine and chain drive.

Van for scale!

Ad text:


Ihle Brothers in Bruchsal Germany produced some amazing vintage micro cars which were used at fairs in autodromes. The Brothers Rudolf and Fritz Ihle started their company in 1930 in Bruchsal and soon realized that in 1933 the body of the BMW Dixis were out of style, mostly because it was based on the shape of a 1922 Austin seven. So they introduced a more sporty shaped body the Ihle 600, which could be mounted on any Dixi frame. Customers could change there old body for these modern shaped cars on their old frames. These models were only available in Signal Red. In 1934 Ihle started a production line for these models. Soon Ihle offered bodies: the Ihle 600 and Ihle 800 for chassis from other manufacturers like Hansa, Opel, DKW, and of course the Ford Eifel. The Sporty arrow shaped rear was only available for the BMW/Dixi. Later the Legend started that Ihle introduced the typical Kidney Style radiator, now the image for BMW. The Ihle Dixis were produced in Bruchsal until 1941. There was a parallel production of mini cars for amusement rides, special tractors and passenger trailers. In the beginning of the 30s Ihle had a staff of 50 workers and expanded this to up to 150 workers until the war. During the War Ihle produced precision weapons and portable water pumps.

 After the war, Ihle sold the dixi production to BMW and expanded their business producing rides for amusement parks and carnival fairs. They also started using the new material Fiber glas.




This is a very rare find! a Museum Piece. Totally Original German 1938 IHLE car.  It seems to have OG PAINT with some details of rust because of time and wheater but not a big deal.

I would´t restore it if I keept it

- OG MOTOR of 2 speed and 1 piston, rear Wheel chain. Motor was working before it parked out a few months ago, it will need to be cleaned up and adjusted only.

- TITLE is not the original one, it has a new title from a company. Very helpful to ship the car anywhere overseas.

- ITS ALMOST COMPLETE! with all its moldings, emblem, steering Wheel, seat, motor components, rims, etc. even dust!

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