Not Ogilvie Home Perm: Cutlass Salon with Manual Trans

Yes, Oldsmobile thought they'd extend their popular Cutlass into the fastback realm when they launched the fifth generation for the 1978 model year.  The result was decidedly odd, although the Cutlass would go on to become the best selling car in 1979.  This two-door, manual trans-equipped version was likely rare when new and is almost unheard-of today.

We have featured both a rare 442 version, as well as a four-door Salon before; but this car looks the best from ten feet, at least when wet.  Potential buyers should inspect carefully, though, as the seller doesn't instill confidence with the following quote: "car has some rust but a lot of good parts too."

While this car is equipped with a V8, don't get too excited about this 260 mill (4.3 liters, for the millennials) which put out just a bit over 100HP and 200 lb-ft.  Still, it should move this thing well enough and you'll be the only one on your block should you take the plunge.

Special thanks to Oddimotive fan N.N. for this one!

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Huntingtown, MD, USA

Yes, an automaker actually put this style into production.  We don't know why.

This angle really shows off the weirdness.

Ah...that profile.

Front looks like everyone's mom's car in 1979.

The straight-on rear view almost hides the strangeness.

Interior looks to be in pretty good shape.  Of course, the shifter is a welcome sight!

It's not clear whether this back seat saw much action.

Here's the none-too-exciting 260 V8.

Ad text:

1979 Oldsmobile Cutlass Salon, 260 V8 with factory 5 speed transmission, gauges, new battery, & rally wheels with new tires. Car has some rust but a lot of good parts too. Runs and drives. $1,200 obo

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