Makeshift Crew Cab: 1947 Diamond T Truck(s) w/Free Bullet Holes

One way to make a crew cab when it wasn't originally offered it simply to bolt/weld on an extra cab.  Here's your chance!

Not only do we like any deal that involves parts of multiple vehicles joined in a way not originally intended by the factory; but we love any vehicle ad that says "besides the bullet holes on the passenger side, truck is in good shape for how old it is."

 Doesn't that tell you all you need to know?  If not, note that it's not clear whether the rear cab has been secured to the frame, as the seller suggests it can be used for parts or as the crew cab.  One image appears to show that cab separated from the frame; but we don't know when pics were taken or what was done.  Regardless, this is plenty odd.  An engine is included, but condition is unknown.

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Enumclaw, WA, USA
$2,750 with 12 bids, reserve not met and 4.3333333 days to go

We'd get this running, make sure that second cab is secure and be on our way.

Hood section is in good shape, complete with grille and most, if not all, trim.

Hood ornament is even there!

Seat could use some upholstery.

Gauge cluster appears to be complete.

Here's that engine - some sort of inline six.  We can tell you it needs plug wires...that's about it.

Presumably, this truck spent some time out in the woods and a shotgun was fired in its direction.  Maybe the farmer was chasing off a would-be suitor to his daughter?  So, perhaps these are impacts from shot, rather than individual bullets.

Ad text:

1947 306 Diamond T Truck - clear title, truck came from Idaho. Besides the bullet holes on the passenger side, truck is in good shape for how old it is. Don't know anything about the motor. Most guys that buy these put Cummins in them. I got a lot of emails from people wanting to make a four-door or extended cab so the cab on the back gives you that option or use the parts to fix the bullet holes. If you make the truck into a four-door there will be eight feet of frame left. 17" wheels, the front axle has new king pin bushings.

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