Lambiero: Not Just Another Fiero-Based Italian Wannabe

We see Fiero-based Ferrari replicas for sale on an almost daily basis, but few go for Lamborghini details and few have this much power.

In truth, we don't know why the owner bothered with the Lambo bits on the rear, aside from the fact that the stock Fiero parts likely no longer fit, what with the longitudinal V8.  Said V8, by the way, is turbocharged with a Gale Banks kit, which means this thing likely puts out ridiculous power.  The seller claims 1000+++ horsepower on alky fuel.  Your mileage may vary and the car may or may not be safe!

Either way, the asking price might just be silly.

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Oklahoma or Illinois?

Yes, the front is pretty much all Fiero, but with a fancy hood.

Here's where the (vague) Lambo influences enter the picture.  It's not fooling anyone...

The taillights are all Countach; but nothing else really fits.  Exhaust is, well, interesting; but, if it can really put out 1,400 HP, it can have any exhaust setup it wants.

Engine cover opening is a bit different from stock, to say the least.


This is all we get to see of the interior.  Oh well.

The engine is what matters here, and it's not mounted in the original configuration.

Yep, Banks turbo!

Ad text:

Fiero/Lamborghini build this is truly one of a kind has an Olds Toro front suspension in rear coupled with a 425 Turbo auto trans (motor home) a full race 413 CI small block chevy with banks twin turbo's up to 35LBs BOOST fuel injected with alcohol Dinoed at crank over 1400HP has factory A/C and everything works drives down the road very straight and CRAZY FAST if you so desire This is an old school build started in 1988 has doss computer and works great - total miles on vehicle since build is 720. great condition. Is tagged to drive on street - would make great street rod.If you want something that your neighbor cannot buy just like yours then this is it. Would take something in on trade???

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