Golf Cart in Drag

No, not that kind of drag.  If you need to tow a dragster and a simple trailer or hand cart just won't do, then this might be the vehicle for you!

This is powered by an unspecified Honda engine and clutchless four-speed transmission (Hondamatic?).  We think is cool, although we have no use for it.  The seller is looking for trades; so it would be interesting to see if someone can top this for strangeness.

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Duarte, CA (otherwise known as the Inland Empire)
No Price Listed (free?)

Front end is "aggressive", especially for a golf cart.

Sadly, the scoop appears to be non-functional, given its location vis-à-vis the engine.

This cart is equipped with drag slicks and wheelie bars, though it's not clear that wheelies are an actual risk with the current powertrain.

Centerline Auto Drag-style wheels work well with the drag theme.

Long-throw, manual shifter is not a common sight in a golf cart.

Yes, you saw Yosemite Sam on the glove box lid.

Here's the only decent shot of the engine.  We can't tell much...

Ad text:

This is a pro built cart was used to pull race car at the track it has all good stuff and all fabricated look at pics if your interested I'm looking to trade and or cash offers this is a 4speed Clutchless Honda motor not a race motor everything fabricated and the best of everything

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  1. Where did you get the wheelie bars? Email me at jbartonatwyandotorg