Childhood Dream: A-Team Van Replica

If you're they type of early 80s TV fan who knows what "B.A." means when it precedes Baracus, then this might be the find for you!

We've never previously seen a truly accurate A-Team van and it looks like this is a great one.  The seller provides a lot of information in the text below; so we'll just cover the highlights.  For some reason, this project was started within the last two years, as it is based on a fleet van from Arizona that was in service until that time.  We don't know what motivated the party who modified it; but we like the result.  This van is even a Chevy re-badged to be a correct-for-A-Team GMC.  Naturally, that badge engineering was among the easiest tasks.

Note that it seems the 93K mile engine just received basic maintenance and tune-up during the conversion process; so, despite its appearance, this is not a "new" van mechanically.  That should factor into price considerations, but one should also note that the Chevy 350 can be rebuilt or swapped very easily.

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Las Vegas, NV, USA

From this angle, everything looks great!

The signature stripe and spoiler, with color-keyed turbine wheels, really set it apart.

If memory serves, this is a pretty good replica of the interior, too.  Certainly, the color is correct.

From this angle, it seems some cabinetry is missing - probably weapons storage.  All those (apparently blanks-shooting) guns had to be stored somewhere.

Ad text:

A Team Chevy Van Fully Customized and Full TV Spec, YOU WILL NOT FIND A NICER ONE.

This vehicle is currently located in Las Vegas, NV and can be delivered or driven anywhere in the US or sent to the ports for overseas travel. Please email or place a phone call for more information.

Here are the specs on the A Team Van:

1981 Chevy G20 Beauville Van 350 Engine, No Rust, No Damage. This van started as a fleet Arizona vehicle that was fleet maintained until early 2014. This van is impossible to find in any condition but to have a no rust, low mileage, no damage and fleet maintained van you have the basis for a great build. This van was purchased for a price of $2,500 with an additional $1,000 spent on new hoses, belts, full tune up, fluids, brakes, suspension components and transmission flush. Full records on the purchase and the engine work will also be included in the paperwork.

Here are the exterior components:

1) Fiberglass components (fender flares, running boards, lower front spoiler, rear upper spoiler, and sunvisor) These items were professionally installed by a Custom TV vehicle builder who is well known in the industry. The parts used are of high quality and no "off the shelf" components were used.

2) Front Brushguard - This piece was custom made and created from the TV specs from the show.

3) Fog lights on Brushguard / lower spoiler / sunvisor - These are also of TV spec and correct colors from the show.

4) 3-color paint (satin black, gunmetal grey, red) with 2 color pinstripe - This paint job is the correct TV spec with a Black Matte finish as the show did not have a glossy finish van.

5) Exhaust tips exiting in front of rear wheels - 4 port square tip- These were custom made and also match the TV show van. They also include a cherry bomb sound and will create a backfire and flame when revved quickly

6) Extended sliding door hinge (needed to clear fender flares) This bracket is custom made and not something that you can purchase.

7) 3 roof antennas (1 wired for CB, 1 wired to stereo, 1 blank) These were also from the TV show and always left off of most replicas.

8) Turbine/Cyclone Rims and Tires including correct paint. These rims are very rare to find the offset 15 x 8. If you can find them the tires alone are $500 each plus shipping.

Here are the interior components:

1) Interior - Fully custom front chairs, swivel and moving captains chairs and rear bench. These seats are TV correct color along with correct textured seats. These were sent out to a custom interior company which took 8 weeks to complete.

2) Full floor and walls custom built inside of the van to provide a sub floor for comfort of the rear passengers. This alone was a 6 week process. The floor was covered with carpeting as well as the walls and the headliner is made of velour. 

3) New weatherstripping was installed for all of the doors and windows.

4) Overhead console across front was custom built to hold the working CB radio.

5) The dashboard, side door panels, rear door panels, engine cover and side mirrors were all professionally painted to correct TV spec.

The van is currently used for corporate event rentals and trade shows and can also include a website for rentals if that is the direction that you would like to go with your purchase. 

In total this van took over 10 months to create and full photos of the build, build sheet, video and all documents will be provided with the new owner. This is truly a one of kind A Team van with no other vans on the internet like the one that we have. Every detail has been add to this vehicle to come as exact as possible to the original from the TV show.


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