BMW "Corsetta"

What's a Corsetta, you ask?  It's nothing BMW or Iso ever designed or built, but it is a 70s project involving a 1957 Isetta and a Corvair flat six.  The seller estimates current output at 150 horsepower, which is than a tenfold increase versus the original single-cylinder motorcycle engine.

At the bottom, you will see that the seller provides quite a bit of information.  Supposedly, this was featured in Hot Rod magazine in 1977 and may have been a shop class project.  This makes us long for the 70s, when seller probably couldn't give away Isettas, given they're now $25K+ cars in any sort of good condition.

Apparently, the car has ballast in the front and a wheelie bar, but each is adjusted such that small wheelies are still possible.  The engine hangs out back...thus the wheelie "problem."  We don't know what the reserve is, but the low starting price means we will see what the market has to say about this one.  Feel free to add your price prediction in the comments section!

Click here for a short video of a wheelie, mostly in slow motion.

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Wilmington, NC, USA
$3,550 with 12 bids, reserve not met and 6.5 days to go

Here's that still shot from YouTube again.

Ah, the profile shot.  Note the engine location!  If you think about the rear wheel arrangement vs. a standard Isetta, you can appreciate how much work was done.

This could qualify as another mullet car - stock appearance in front with wild flares at the rear.

Here's a low-angle shot of the rear.  The steelies are a perfect touch.

Does this have brake lights??

Here's the signature Iso refrigerator door with attached steering wheel.

Interior is tufted vinyl - perfect for a 70s hot rod!

Here's a closeup of the engine - presumably from the top.

The engine looks clean enough from this angle.  Of course, we imagine very few miles have been put on this over the years.

Ad text:

This is your opportunity to own a one of a kind "Corsetta".  This is a highly desirable bubble window Isetta powered by a four carb Corvair engine.  This car was stored in the previous owners garage since the 80's when we purchased it two years ago.  We were told this car was built in the 1970's by a shop class.  It is evident that a lot of time and detail went into designing this little car to accept this powerful engine.  Corsetta went from a stock 13 HP engine to 150 HP.  It has weights on the front to hold it down and a wheelie bar on the back.   It was featured in Hot Rod magazine in March of 1977.

We bead blasted the car to prepare for a paint job and realized that the fiberglass needed some refreshing.  We also did some minor body work and repairs to the front door prior to new professional paint job.  Glass, chrome, and rubber are in good condition, some of the components are new.  New top.  We will be happy to email you photos of the work we completed upon request.  Car is running and driving with clear NC Title.  I am not sure how to embed a video into Ebay but you can go to Youtube and google BMW Corsetta and see a video of the little car in action or I can email it to you.  If questions please call (910) xxx-xxxx.

The body is in great condition.  One small hairline crack in the paint near door hinge.  Not visible unless pointed out.  Turns heads where ever it goes, especially when it is started!!!  It will do a wheelie and is a SCARY FAST little car so extreme caution and care should be used when driving.

This vehicle is sold as is with no warranty, written or implied.  Shipping to be paid by winning bidder.  We will coordinate with truck driver as needed.

Winning bidder to pay $500 deposit within 48 hours at end of auction and will pay for car within one week at the end of the auction.  Owner reserves the right to end the auction early.  Looking for similar micro  cars or VW Bus. 


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