AMC Eagle Wagon with Manual

Wagon body, inline six cylinder engine, all wheel drive and a clutch pedal - does it get any better?

Well, okay, there are faster and more attractive wagons that check those boxes, but they lack the retro coolness of this one.  The particular example has about 130K miles, which means the ubiquitous AMC 4.2-liter I6 is hardly broken in.  In truth, we'd worry more about insufficient mileage here than about wear.

The rest of the car seems to be in very good shape and the seller claims no rust.  The outside isn't the coolest retro color (brown), but the full red interior is pretty awesome.  Speaking of outside color, this will need paint if you don't want to pass off oxidation as 'patina.'

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LeMont, IL, USA
Thanks to reader N.N. for this submission!

If you were around when these were still sold new, then you know this face.

Period turbine-type wheels work pretty well on this.  Most Jeep wheels fit and you'll see lots of interesting choices on the interwebs.

More oxidation is evident back here.  That was common with silver cars for decades.

This example is fitted with proper off-road tires - ready for mud!

Here's the money shot - throwback full-color interior and a manual shifter.  Faux woodgrain we could take or leave, but at least it's original to the car.  If this car has any drawback, it's the lack of a double DIN slot for easy installation of a unit with Android Auto and/or CarPlay.

Seat fabric is a nice touch and would be much cooler than full vinyl.  We can't see the driver's seat, but the back seat looks perfect.

High floor likely conceals the spare wheel/tire; so cargo capacity isn't what one would expect.  Still, the area is large enough and it appears that the rear seat folds.

Ad text:

AMC = American Motors Eagle Station Wagon , UN molested, factory stock
currently has less than 130,000 miles, plated and insured, driving on good days only
This Wagon spent 99 percent of it's Life at a Montana Air Force Base, 
Order up a CarFax report = VIN # 2CCCN3856GB700022
In line 6 cylinder 4.2 that runs very very good
Five speed MANUAL Transmission = very RARE
Shift on the fly FOUR WHEEL DRIVE 4x4
NO-Rust at all, see photo of the surface rust on the hatchback
Replaced the following list with in the last 1000 miles, and have the supporting paperwork 
windshield, brakes on all four wheels, clutch and bearing, tires, shocks, Blue tooth radio and speakers
Missing one speaker grill, and LR door handle and all four fender flairs 
Calls only = 630 740 three one 32

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