AM-Sleeper: 1973 Ambassador Brougham with 401

The Ambassador was AMC's top-of-the-line car for almost two decades, and this one comes with the best engine available.  We love the high output/plain sedan combination!

Sure, this engine was choked down a bit by 1973, but this car should offer plenty 'o torques, even when one considers the mass of this car.  AMC never built small- and big-blocks side-by-side, like the others; but this was their largest displacement engine and it is fairly rare today.  Beyond rarity and engine coolness, this car offers apparently low mileage and appears to be in excellent condition.

The seller mentions a few issues: the heater core needs to be replaced and the part is included (maybe not a small job?), the AC doesn't blow cold and the transmission might need a main seal; but functions well.  Given the age of the car, these shouldn't be deal breakers unless the price creeps above $10K or so.  Sure, a sedan like this will never set auction records, but the engine adds value.

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Sylvania, OH, USA
$5,300 with ZERO bids and 2 days to go

Want a unique car for Cars and Coffee?  This is just the ticket. When did you last see one, if ever?

Here's another look at that luxurious front end.

Dual exhaust may or may not be stock - it looks a bit aftermarket.

Here's the badge that matters.

If you're a velour collector, this is the car for you!  How about that split bench?

In case you need to drop it down, gangsta style, these seats fully recline.

Okay, so it's not much to look at, with its 1973ness; but it should work.

Ad text:

A very nice 73 Ambassador with the 401 Z code V8. Very fast , great running and strong engine. No rust anywhere on car, very solid. Power windows all work well. All switches move and work. Very nice seats that are like new, they also fold all the way down to rear seats. All seats are very comfortable and the ride is fantastic. Dash is in very good condition. The carpet is faded, but all there and the interior smells very nice. No smoking or bad smells. The heater core needs replaced and will come with the car. The a/c does not blow cold. Mechanically the car is solid. The transmission leaks when it is cold, but not when warm or hot. After a day or so it pukes tranny fluid and needs a couple quarts replaced. Guessing it needs new main seals at tranny. The transmission works great, no problems with operation or shifting just leaks when cold. This is a very nice cruising Ambo that I have had the pleasure of owning since 2003. Thank-you. I'd like to add that I am including nos vent shades in the AM box group 15.420 part 8992610. Looks great on car and vents in the rain. This is definitely the best Ambassador around. Build date 4/73. I bought this from the original owner. He had it 30, I've had it 12. Incentive, I'll drive Ambassador to you within 300 miles for free. It would be a great   departing gift for me. Of course weather permitting and if you live further away text me and let me see what I can do.  My phone number is 419xxxxxxx for more information and address to see and inspect car.  Thanks  

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