1978 Civic Convertible

Yes, two custom Honda convertibles in two days.  Admit it, though, you've thought about chopping the top on an early Civic. Did it look like this in your dreams?

Unlike yesterday's custom Honda/Acura NSX convertible, this one looks more like a home job.  That's not to say the work looks terrible; but it does appear there is no provision for a top.  The roll bar is a welcome sight here, but the lack of storage space combines with the lack of a top to ensure this vehicle has essentially no practicality.  That being said, who needs a top on his or her car in sunny Camden, New Jersey, anyway?  Maybe the snowbird owner usually ships this car back and forth to/from Florida.  We just have to wonder why it's in Jersey this fine January.

The seller provides almost no information, but does claim 89K miles, indicating the car is clean inside and out with minor scratches.  Maybe the minors scratched the car trying to get away when the creepy owner was cruising the local high school?

Is this runs well, the price is cheap enough.  With some decal removal and perhaps better looking wheels (we'd go sleeper with steelies), this could be an interesting little cruiser if you don't need a top.  Perhaps one could even swap in an SCCA-approved roll bar and go autocrossing?

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Camden, NJ, USA
$1,150 with 11 bids, reserve not met, 5 hours to go and $2,500 BIN

While the windscreen decal is a bit much, things look fairly reasonable from this angle.

Here, we see the loss of practicality in the rear.  What was left of the cargo area is occupied by no fewer than four subwoofers.  At least a laptop bag can fit in the back seat.

Note the "Civic" script, clearly inspired by the Porsche Turbo script.  We're not impressed.

The "Listen to the Sound" decal is an interesting choice.  We'll bet the owner has given passersby little choice in the matter.

The interior appears to be in good shape; so, given the lack of a top, we must assume it has been stored inside.  The red and black color scheme works well here.  Full-width mirror may be a bit much, however.

Under the hood, things look pretty normal, aside from a bunch of decals.  It's hard to tell whether that's hideous overspray or "spatter paint" (remember that?!) on some components.  The muscle car air filter nut is pretty funny in this application.

Ad text (yes, this is all of it):

 “clean inside and out,minor scratches see pictures”

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