Sun-Baked, FWD, German Psuedo-Luxury: 1969 Audi 100LS

No, sun-baked doesn't indicate a convertible today, it means this poor car has been baked in the sun for far too many years.  What is it?  Volkswagen group's first front-engine, front-wheel-drive, water-cooled sedan, the Audi 100LS.

We confess to previously having been only barely aware of this car's existence, but a quick interwebs search revealed a great period Car and Driver test of this car. Marvel at the 115-HP four cylinder's performance in that article while you ponder the fact that our feature car has an automatic transmission, which is sure to be worse.  Performance may be bad by today's standards, but this car and the Audi 90 helped put the brand on the map and is a direct predecessor to the popular (until the whole pedal spacing thing) Audi 5000.

This car needs everything and isn't even ready to be started, as the seller says the fuse box was taken out (why??).  Given that and the visible condition, we think any prospective buyer needs a genuine - and financially unsound - love for Audi 100s.  More likely, the buyer will be someone in need of a parts car, or, even better, someone with all the parts who needs a solid shell.  Restoring this car just doesn't seem to make sense, which is too bad, as it's an interesting oddball.

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San Bernardino,CA, USA

The tell-tale rings are there to let the world know it's an Audi.  Fender tops look aggressive from this angle.

This angle screams "generic sedan."

From this angle, Mercedes' influence is obvious.

More Mercedes here.  Note the familiar "Audi" font.

Interior looks like it might have once been nice, wood and all, but it's now shot.

Take note of that PRNDL!

Seats are in the condition you'd expect after seeing the rest of the car; but one can hope the frames are in good shape and waiting for new foam and covers.

Ad text:

I am selling my 1969 Audi 100LS project car. The car is complete. Has the original 1.8(v4) with automatic transmission. Has all the interior pieces except for the radio. Needs to be wired up before you can try to start it. (fuse box disconnected.) Very solid car, no cancer, pretty straight body. (Just has a dent in the front right fender and driver side door.) Car has been sitting and needs a new home. I have the pink slip. (Clean title. ) Asking $1,000 or best offer.

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