Rare Doesn't Always Mean Desireable: 1984 Stutz Victoria

Stutz was once a proud marque in the US, but its attempted Resurrection in the 1970s did not go well and let's just say it did not produce the most tasteful of cars.  Supposedly, Elvis Presley bought the very first 1971 Bearcat when the name was revived - that should tell you how subtle and tasteful it was.  The company did limp along for about fifteen years, however; so this 1984 model was near the end.

Most sources say only about twenty of this Victoria model were produced.  When we say produced, we mean that an Old Delta 88 was shipped to Italy to have gaudy panels and interior fitted at a ridiculously high cost.  This car's price was apparently close to $100K in 1984, which is the equivalent of $250K or more today.

The interior is indeed quite luxurious, although this example wears cloth in place of leather. The coolest interior feature is the center-console-mounted CRT TV for the rear passengers.  After all, this was positioned as a limousine at the time.

We don't like to quote Wikipedia, but we love this: "Many of these Victorias, all of them white, were sold to the Royal family of Saudi Arabia. But within 2 to 3 years all of them were retired due to various malfunctions."  That might not have been Stutz's fault - that could have been the 1980s GM owner experience.

This is an intriguing oddity at anything under $5K, and the rarity is very real; but we will start to question peoples' sanity if bids cross $10K.  One has to wonder where the reserve is set.

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Bayside, NY, USA
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If you've ever seen a 70s Stutz, you know this front end, for better or for worse.

Though the tree's shadow screws up this photo, the sun brings out the extra-gaudy two-tone paint and this angle shows the blocky Olds roof line, which contrasts with the added Stutz bodywork.  Note the pseudo-continental kit, for which Stutz was known.

Here's another shot of dat ass.

Here's a face shot, for good measure.

As we said, things are better inside, which lots of real wood.  Note the oddly-chosen cloth.

Here's the rear - ample legroom, huge trays and a TV!

Here's a semi-close-up of the C-stack. Note the high-tech, 80s. audio system.

Glove box was adorned with a plaque stating this was made for someone else, but Barney stuck his own plaque right on top.

Are these people proud to have built this?

Here's the Olds V8, which is likely a 350 with modest output (think sub-200HP).  Hopefully, it offers some low-end torque, as we imagine this thing is heavy.

Ad text:

Here is a crazy opportunity to own a super rare car. This is a 1984 STUTZ Victoria. There was only 7 of these cars made. They only know of 5 that are still to exist. 2 are Mia. This car was based on a 98 Oldsmobile platform. The car was then handcrafted in Torino Italy by Stutz Motor Company. It is an amazingly built car. It has so many crazy things. It is all trimmed out in 24 carat gold inside. It has pull out trays in the back seat for its passengers and a tv built in. This car was a high class car built in 1984 with everything it has. The cost new was a little over $100k in 1984. Do some research through Google and you will see this actual car. This car has some crazy history and paperwork. This car actually won 1st place in the GM nationals in 2006. I have a ton of trophies and plaques from past shows. Now for the current condition. This car was purchased at auction in 2006-2007 from the last owner Barney Loucks. All the search info on this car online comes up as being the Barney Loucks car. He was the second owner from what I can tell. It honestly only has 38,000 original miles on it. I can prove the mileage. The car was purchased as an investment back then but the car was not kept in the proper storage over the years. The car will need to be refreshed again. The car will need to be painted to be nice again and some chrome work. The car is still solid and runs and drives great. It's better than a Cadillac the way it drives. The interior is in good shape but will need to be polished and a good deep cleaning. There is so much to tell about the car so I think the best thing is to call me at 347-xxx-xxxx. I will tell you everything about the car. This car deserves to be lightly restored and be in a museum or personal collection and taken care of. Call for all info.

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