Not Factory, but Cool: Squareback Pickup

If a VW Squareback isn't unusual enough for you, in and of itself, why not drive one that's been converted to a pickup?

The seller says this is one of 15 whice were "costumed" in CA in the 70s.  We think costumed is a fruedian slip in this context.  Anywho, various interweb VW sources indicate that there were kits available at the time; so this is either one of many more than 15, or it's one of 15 from a company that failed.

Regardless, the price isn't too radically far off of nice Type 3 prices and the new owner will have something almost unique.

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La Puente, CA, USA

Classic Type 3 front end with a bit of rear-end weirdness.

It's hard to compare this to anythign else, but it does remind us a bit of a unibody Datsun Sunny truck. Of course, the engine location makes things a bit tall.

Nothing unusual here.

As indicated in the ad text, the interior appears to have been recently redone.

Ad text:

VERY RARE 1967 Volkswagen Squareback Truck VW 65 66 67 68 69 type 3

Very rare only 15 of these were costumed in California back in 70's ... 
and probably most of them are already gone !
This car grabs attention and it runs great !!! 
It is a type 3, its been recently painted and upholstered!!
new tires, new rebuilt engine, new transmission, etc. 
give me a call between the hours of 10am-6pm ...
thanks !!!

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