Manual 1979 Subaru Wagon in Beautiful Brown!

After our recent "Monster Legacy" post, here's a very original, very nice 1979 Subaru wagon to make things right.

The seller claims to have sold this car new while working at a local dealership in 1979 and has subsequently found the car via an estate sale. It's now being kicked out of the house by a spouse. His loss could be your gain!

All-wheel drive, wagon body and manual trans combine to make this an ideal vehicle, save for the limited power.  This is too nice to modify, though, unless you're interested in taking on a really cool 'stealth' upgrade with some sort of modern Subie H4 turbo power plant.

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Arlington, TX, USA
$1,925 with 6 bids, reserve not met and 6 days to go

Damn, this is brown.

How about that aggressive front end?


4 Wheel Drive!

The pics aren't the best, but the interior appears to be in great shape.

Yugo (old Fiat?) and Citroen enthusiasts will find this spare tire location familiar.

Supposedly, this is the wagon on top (third from the rear).

Ad text:

This is a very clean 1979 Subaru, runs and drives AC was cold the last time I drove it in the summer.  I started selling Subaru's in 1974 as a authorized dealer,  Arlington Subaru and I sold this car new in 1979 to a elderly man in Arlington, Tx,, has roof rack, AC and a factory AM radio.  I recall this sale because brown and green were the rarest colors, see the picture of the arriving new Subaru's, this is the car on the top,  this car has always been kept inside and seldom ever been in bad weather, years ago I came across this car at an estate sale and bought it back, done a few things, tires, etc, but overall it is almost all original, the interior is in great shape except the drivers seat, unusual pattern or I would of recovered the seat. I have thought about redoing all the interior in leather, or someday finding a NOS tan seat cover,  dash is cracked and some of the plastic parts here and there but for the most part it can be on a showroom almost as-is, all chrome is shinny and the original mud flaps are like new. The outside is really great, never in any accidents, the front bumper is dented from me double parking in the garage a few years ago and can be straightened or replaced, every now and then I look on eBay for a front bumper, if anyone has a near new or a good one,  I am a cash buyer and same for the drivers seat cover. Email for more pictures or come take a look, car is in Arlington, Texas 76016    

Have thought about buying or starting a Subaru dealership and still may if one ever comes up, however I am just out of room, we have a 7 car garage, and this Subaru is taking the place of a 2016 Lexus, my wife says the Subaru must go. May consider trading in on a new Outback or a Harley?

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