Fox Mercury with Four-Speed and Needs

Fans of the Ford Fox body - best known for underpinning Mustangs for way too long - may recall that it was sometimes called the Fairmont/Zephyr platform.  The Ford Fairmont and Mercury Zephyr were thoroughly boring and mediocre mid-sized offerings in the late 70s.  They're so generic that they have sleeper potential now.  Today's feature car is currently saddled with the 3.3 liter Thriftmaster inline six; but the seller gathered parts for a V8 swap and could be talked into selling those, too.

What makes this car unique are the factory four-speed manual trans and tachometer.  The next owner will have to decide whether to go full sleeper with a V8 swap or to just drive and not really enjoy.  The seller says the car needs a full restoration; but we don't generally recommend restoring a Fairmont/Zephyr.  More likely, this car will get a quick Maaco paint job and cheapo interior refresh.  We think that's perfectly fine and we'd eventually opt for the swap in this car,with some nicely hidden exhausts.

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Glenoma, WA, USA
$899 with ZERO bids and 6 days to go

Yes, this is basically a shrunken police car.  The non-functional vents aft of the front wheels let you know this one's a Merc.

No, it's not exciting from this angle, either.  Not steelies - ideal here would be widening the originals or finding wider ones still compatible with the boring wheel covers.

Menacing?  No...

Plain Jane!

Interior is a bit more appealing than the exterior.  The shapes are non-offensive and functional enough.  The faux wood probably looks much more gaudy on a sunny day.  Apparently, some owner tried fitting a single-DIN Ford radio.  We'd work on better integration.

As expected, the back seat looks unused.  Remember, this is the SPORTY two-door!

Several pics show surface rust, but the seller claims the only real issue is the battery tray, which is pretty typical.  This image seems to show solid floors.

Ad text:

“Needs complete restoration runs and drives .Some dings and dents and surface rust .All glass is good appears most everything works many new parts car sat 10 years”

I bought this car and a 1980 Tbird 302 car for a donor .This mercury is a odd little car its bare bones with a factory 4 speed I believe its the SROD so a common transmission in a mustang or change it to a auto or a 5 speed  .Factory tach and bucket seats . I bought new master cylinder new brake cylinders rebuilt the carburetor new fuel pump and water pump seems to run ok still has some old fuel to burn out .Last owner passed away but I'm sure I know why he quit driving it I found the rear brake line inside the car was leaking at a kink (fixed) and steering was sloppy . The steering rag joint was shot I will fix .The trans and clutch where done about a year before he parked it.I have all parts for a v8 conversion minus the proper v8 bellhousing .You are bidding on the car only I will sell rest of parts cheap to buyer before listing on ebay .Its a fairly solid project car that runs drives stops has some small dents surface rust .The only real rust I found is under battery tray I may fix it but cut front section off Tbird so theres options My thought was a tube crossmember a common 8.8 rear from a mustang and have a cheap little v8 hotrod as Fox body parts are cheap and a huge selection to choose from .Car weighs 2851 on title and can be much lighter .Bear in mind see pics thing car needs plenty of work to be sweet door panels headliner carpet are shot but makes for a solid starter base that could be driven as its fixed up .Email or call with serious questions 360 496 1300 .Please note this car is listed locally and I reserve the right to end sale anytime

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