Dodge Ramcharger Macho Power Wagon

Outside of serious Mopar fans and people in Mexico, where a later generation was sold, it seems that few remember that Chrysler offered a competitor to the Bronco and Blazer back in the day.  In the very rare category is the Plymouth Trailduster, which was a twin to today's feature vehicle, the Dodge Ramcharger. This isn't just any Ramcharger, though, this is a Macho Power Wagon, part of Dodge's "adult toys" program (yeah, we know, the mental picture isn't one of vehicles).

This beast has minor upgrades which add functionality and off-road flair, and it retains its cool 70s looks, including the awesome Power Wagon decals.  The color-keyed wheels are also perfect for the look.  All of the seating was upgraded with much newer GM units, which means seat-mounted belts are included.  That's a nice touch and probably helps with climbing into the rear, as well as using the shoulder belts with the top off.

The seller claims that the 360 runs well and that the body has only very minor rust spots.  If the rust truly is minor, this truck seems like a deal anywhere near the current price.  This will offer true off-road ability and just plain cool looks when you wheel into your local Cars and Coffee.

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Folsom, CA, USA (prison?)
$4,800 with 21 bids, no reserve and 1.333333 days to go

This is just plain cool, 70s graphics and all.

Massive bumper adds to the intimidation factor up front and houses a winch.

How about a close-up of those hood decals?

Side view reveals some of Dodge's coolest "adult toy" decals.

Rear-mounted spare is color-keyed, too!

And...more decals!

Interior looks nice enough and has had recent attention. Modern seats will keep this out of pebble beach, but likely offer more adjustments and support vs. stock.  Also, yes, that's a hint of roll bar you see!

Rear seat matches the fronts, right down to seat-mounted belts.

Late '70s Chrylser 360 probably won't win drag races on today's streets, but a version of this engine helped the Little Red Express truck to be the quickest American-made vehicle sold for the '78 model year.  Surely it puts out enough torque to move this beast fairly well, and upgrades are always a possibility.

Ad text:

You are bidding on a No reserve auction and a California rust free 1978 macho Dodge Ram charger convertible with a good running 360 4x4 with and automatic 727 trans and working AC that blows cold.  This ram charger has the full macho paint and decals and color coded rims with a two inch lift and Rancho shocks all around. It is full time 4x4 and has a new custom 9000lb winch front bumper with KC lights and a new custom safari roof rack that is adjustable and can be removed easily so you can take the roof off (there is tabs on the safari roof rack to put a 30" led light bar or two KC lights but I never put it on).

The macho also has 2004 Chevy suburban power front bucket seats and matching rear seat with center console and cup holders and is extremely comfortable seats with the integrated shoulder seat belts front and rear for safety ( that is why I chose to put Chevy seats in is because of the shoulder seat belts). The Macho has a rear spare tire rack and has a full tow package with trailer light plug in with dual flow master exhaust. All the tires are in good shape 31" mud and snow and it has new rams for the rear hatch and new cd player and new 6x9 in the doors, the carpet is in grate shape and is clean I also put on metal front door panels with new arm rest and window cranks. The macho has a new front windshield and gasket and a new grant steering wheel. This ram charger runs and drives good and has some after market gauges installed.

This is a California ram charger but it does have a couple of bubbles on the driver side rear wheel well and one small spot on the driver floor. The body and paint was done a few years ago and still looks very good. This is the coolest looking ram charger you will ever see, I love this truck. Every where I drive it attracts tons of attention people take pictures of it and the 4x4 guys absolutely love this rig and you can take the top off great for summer fun. You can take this macho to a car show and I guaranty it is a hit and you will be the only one there with one like this you will never see another like it (one of a kind). I reserve the right to end this auction at any time and will sell to people oversees and in all other countries.    

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