Almost an SVO: Mercury Capri RS Turbo

Yeah, okay, it wasn't too close to an SVO when stock - the SVO had a lot of handling upgrades, four-wheel discs, etc.  This is a mildly upgraded Capri, however, and shares a version of the 2.3-liter, turbocharged four cylinder, sans intercooler.

Nice Capris don't come along too often, and the turbos are particularly rare.  This gives you the Fox Mustang experience with a healthy dash of oddness thrown in.  Whether it's better or worse looking is purely subjective.

As often happened, the three-spoke, TRX wheels were ditched along the way because an owner saw Michelin's (now Coker's) tire pricing.  That's too bad, but it's not realistic to pay TRX prices if the car is going to be driven on any regular basis.

This car is in New York, but the seller includes a couple undercarriage shots and it doesn't look scary.  Naturally, we recommend a thorough check for rust. Hopefully, the claimed 73K miles are real and most, or all, of that sitting was done in garages.

If we bought this, it would get some stealth performance upgrades to boost output while looking as stock as possible.  Plenty of part are available for this engine.  In the long run, we'd search for a set of TRX wheels/tires to keep in the garage, but would put this on Ford ten-holes for immediate driving.

Click for eBay ad
Queens Village, NY, USA
$2,100 BIN with 1.5 days to go

Here's the signature Capri "bubble-back" hatch glass, along with the unique tail lights.  These, along with the grill, are the primary differentiating features on a Capri.

Aside from the C-pillar styling, this angle looks like a Mustang.

Here's the Capri-unique grill.

Interior is all mid-80s Fox Mustang, but with a cat in the steering wheel.  This looks serviceable as-is and ought to clean up pretty well.  New front seat upholstery (we'll bet no on ever sat in the rear, but we can' see) might be in the cards in the future, however.

Here's a dirty engine shot - it's all there and doesn't look scary for its age.

Apparently some parts were cleaned up and/or replaced??

Ad text:

“Mercury Capri/ 2.3 4cyl eng/ 5spd/ 60 Garret Turbo/ 73,000 Original miles 2nd Owner/ A/C/ Adjustable Steering Wheel/A Aftermarket Upper Strut Brace/ Lower Brace/ Rear Shock Tower Brace/ Factory Front & Rear Sway Bar/ Custom Under Body Stiffler Brace and Subframe Connector-- Stiffens Body and Improves Overall Handling for High Horsepower Upgrades and also acts as a Jacking Device/ MSD 6A/ MSD Ignition Module/ Short Throw Shifter/ Zero Rust Under Body, has Body Undercoating

CONS--- A/C and Heater Blower and Horn needs Electrical repair enable to work.(Please note I have changed listing price to $2100 was originally $3000 then lowered to $2500 which included Aluminum Drive Shaft & Adjustable Rear Upper & Lower Adjustable Control Arms, I will include all those parts for the Final Price of $2100)

(Also I will accept up to $1,500 in Cash and SPRINT IPHONE PLUS 6 or IPad or In car DVD ,Radio,CD Player or whatever you may have in Electronics that may be of interest.)”

Original 2.3 Turbo engine, 73,000 Original miles, T-5 Trans / 7.5 Posi 3:45 / A/C / Tilt Steering / Upper and Lower Brace / Custom Shock Tower Brace/ Custom Stiffler Chassis Brace / Solid Under Body Floors and Frame and Strut Towers / Under Coating / Original front and rear sway bar /    [Please text for more information]

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