Matched Set of 1.5 PT Cruisers

Here we have a package deal made from two salvage PT Cruisers, though it's not clear why the first, driving one was salvaged.  The second one apparently had a damaged front end, and was thus cut in front of the rear doors to make a trailer.  Both have matching two-tone paint jobs with excess chrome.

Claimed original mileage on the driving PT is a bit under 47K, so one could argue it should go a lot longer without major needs (despite being a fifteen year old Chrysler).  So far, the market says the starting price of $5K is too high; but that could change with over five days left.

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Newmarket, NH, USA
$5,000 with ZERO bids, reserve not met and 5.5 days to go

These do indeed match well with their paint jobs and wheels.  The trailer does have a jack near the tongue; so you could ditch it at the campsite and make that beer run.  Note that the tow vehicle also has a continental kit on the hatch, although it doesn't look functional.

The front of the driver looks pretty much stock.  The trailer has an aluminum sheet job typical of this sort of thing (we've featured something similar before).  One has to wonder if the interior of the trailer would stay dry while driving in rain.

Trailer has an odd rear window treatment and I'm not sure what the exhaust tips do.

Interior is stock and in decent condition.  Note automatic shifter.

Tow vehicle offers a fair amount of cargo space aft of the seats, plus they fold down.

The trailer's hatch and doors still function. The seller claims seven feet of "head room", but I assume that means lying down, unless this is actually a tardis.

Ad text:

“Car is in very good condition with only minor paint defects. Trailer is also in very good condition. Both car and trailer are two toned - green on the bottom and silver on the top - separated with chrome trim. Engine is in excellent running condition.”

This unusual car and trailer combo was created from two salvage vehicles by a New Hampshire car restorer.  The car and trailer were purchased directly from this individual at a North Hampton, NH Car Show in 2005.  The car was completely rebuilt with some body modifications.  The trailer was a full PT Cruiser that was in a front-end accident and was consequently converted into a trailer by sawing the vehicle in half between the front and rear doors.  A false front now completes the front end.   

The car has been used only as a second vehicle and - with the trailer - for camping.  The vehicle has been maintained by the same mechanic and driven less than 3,000 miles per year since purchase - the 46,800 miles are original.  The vehicle and trailer have been stored in a secure facility every winter and neither has ever been exposed to road salt or snow.

The owner is moving to Long Island, New York due to job relocation and needs to sell the car and trailer as a package.  The body of both are in very good shape with minor dings and the interior of the car is immaculate.  The interior of the trailer features a marble black and white vinyl floor and offers seven feet of head room, easily sleeping two adults and pet or small child.  The trailer also comes with a complete Dome To Go tent designed for the PT Cruiser - fits over the rear door hatch with a special connecting piece.  These gives you the perfect vehicle for camping - storage in the back of the wagon (rear seats fold down or can be taken out), spacious sleep area in the trailer, and a large eating/living space in the tent.

This vehicle with trailer would also be ideal for operating a small business.  It is guaranteed to turn heads on the street as you are driving a "one and half car" package that matches.  The trailer can be used to hold tools, products, etc.  All the car needs is proper door signage and you are ready to go.

The buyer is responsible for shipping.  Free delivery is available within 30 miles of Boston or Portsmouth, NH as well as up to Portland, ME.  Please send me a message with any questions.  This is a very unique car has been greatly admired by people on the street even without the trailer.  As noted - it is One of a Kind.

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